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Author: Laura Mazzola

From Summer to Fall Decorations in Your Home!

Transitioning From Summer to Fall Decorations in Your Home! So it’s the time of year that you hold onto summer for a little bit longer because you don’t want to see the lazy days go…but you dream of a day with cooler weather and warm rich colors to welcome in Fall Decorations! There are a few easy ways to make your surroundings go from Summer to Fall Decorations! Start with the obvious!  Out with the summer flowers!  Transition all your outdoor planters and give them some fresh fall color pansies.  From the outside your guests will notice that Fall...

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Check Out These 3 Perfect, Quick Pool Party Ideas!

Check Out These 3 Perfect, Quick Pool Party Ideas! Pools and Summer time provide the perfect opportunity to relax and entertain! And we have some fabulous pool party ideas that will turn any pool into a peaceful and glowing retreat! Lining areas of your pool or yard with candle glow is always a great pool party idea! By using our exclusive votive candle holder stakes, you can easily line the walk to your pool and the surrounding green space! The look produces a candle glow above the pool and provides simply beautiful candle reflection on the water. These easy to use...

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Fall Fashion For Events!

Fall Fashion For Events! With it being a massive heat wave in most of our country right now, it’s hard to even think about fall fashion! But Fall is right around the corner! And on the runways of Fashion Week not long ago, the trends were revealed and I simply love to follow them! Because you can bet that event design will follow almost every trend that the runway tosses in the spotlight! Check out this great article: The 12 Best Fall Trends from New York Fashion Week by Perrie Samotin! After pondering how events will benefit from fall fashion...

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How to Add the Perfect Touches For Nautical Décor!

How to Add the Perfect Touches For Nautical Décor! We are in the heat of the summer and lots of folks are drawn to the water!  They also are drawn to nautical decor when entertaining!  With a few key elements, you can create the perfect nautical touches without overdoing it! Check out the design created for a Euphoria event in Greenville, SC!  Take some of their tips and re-create to accomplish the same easy look in your own home or for an event! When you think of nautical, lots of folks think about big, bold stripes!  Of course a dark...

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Should I Be Trimming Candle Wicks?

Should I Be Trimming Candle Wicks? To trim or not to trim…this is a big question! And we hear from our customers all the time with questions about trimming candle wicks and what to do! We want to not only provide you with answers to questions but we also want to make sure that the products you purchase from us last and you get the most use for the money you spend. By passing on some simple tips to our customers, we can achieve not only providing great products but also information to get the most out of them!...

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