November 18, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to weddings, are you the type who prefers to keep tradition at bay and embrace anything new and exciting? For brides and grooms who are looking for their day to be a little something out of the ordinary, here is a list of 10 noteworthy wedding venues to help make the day well worth remembering.

A Public Library – For book lovers and writers, the public library is a great and beautiful option for a wedding venue. Many city libraries, like those of New York City and Boston, are available for rent, so grab your partner and head for a wedding journey that is storybook ready.

The Grand Canyon – A great choice for the adventurous couple; get married overlooking 277 miles of the canyon. The views will be incredible and will make for some amazing photos to take home.

An Old Bank – For the love of … money? Have you ever thought of saying “I do” in the place where your cash is stashed? Invest well in your lifetime commitment by heading to an old bank, like this one in Carlisle, PA.

A Museum – Depending on your passions, you can get married in just about any museum on any subject. Choose one that fits your style as a couple for a venue that’s as unique as you are. For those on the East Coast, check out this amazing Whaling Museum.

A Historic Mansion – Just like in a fairytale, you can stroll down the aisle of a historic mansion or castle and feel like a true princess. For one that will truly make you feel like royalty, you may want to try the Biltmore Estate, deemed “America’s Largest Home.” There’s no place like this home.

An Opera House – Many old opera houses are elaborate pieces of art and architecture. Stun your guests with tickets to one of the biggest shows of your life. If you and your partner have a particular interest in the theater, this may just be the perfect choice.

A Hotel – Though perhaps seen as a bit more on the traditional side, a hotel venue can be incredibly beautiful and convenient for you and your guests. Locate a hotel in a city you love, like this wedding venue in Harrisburg, PA. Give a toast to the Susquehanna River and take some amazing photos of your wedding party by the waters.

A Hot Air Balloon – What better way to soar into your new life together than to literally soar through your vows? Not for the faint-hearted or those with a fear of heights, the hot air balloon wedding is unique, memorable and out of this world. As for the views, well, you tell me what it’s like from up there.

A Zoo – For true animal lovers, a trip to the zoo is a no-brainer. Celebrate with your guests, both wild and tame, and start your new life together as you overlook the lagoons, like those at the San Diego Zoo. A themed reception is easily put together with an array of fun decor in a natural setting.

A Cruise Ship – For the traveling pair, a wedding on a small-ship cruise says that you’ll take your love with you wherever you go. Help your guests see the world through your eyes as you embark on an adventurous cruise to matrimony. Make it a luxury trip to the US Virigin Islands, and you’ll surely amaze your guests.

For the wedding event that your family will talk about for years, choose a venue that you’ll be proud to remember, knowing that it was one-of-a-kind, just like the person you’re marrying.