January 20, 2023 2 min read

Bride's Guide: 3 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon at Sea


Spending your honeymoon on a boat is adventurous and romantic. Cruises allow you to visit bucket list destinations in a stress-free and budget-friendly way. Here are some tips to make your honeymoon excursion the best it can be.

1. Book in Advance

Try to book your honeymoon cruise a year in advance to get the best cabin and snag all the good deals. Booking early allows more time for research to figure out what kind of room you want. Many options exist, from ocean-view suites to veranda staterooms offering private balconies.


Dining reservations and couples massages sell out quickly, so booking early ensures you get what you want on your honeymoon. You’ll want to check out special activities cruises offer, like surf simulations, roller coaster rides and indoor skydiving.

2. Do Your Research

Research is essential to know what options are available. It helps you create a budget to plan accordingly and avoid unexpected costs. Narrow your options and make decisions based on how many days you want to spend at sea, ideal ports and price points.


Choosing your ideal destination can help you learn about the waterways you’re traveling and help you know what to expect on your trip. For example, if you plan to visit the Bahamas, knowing about local ports can be super helpful in your planning process.

3. Create an Itinerary

An itinerary provides structure for your trip. Whether you want to relax on the ship or venture to multiple ports during your cruise, an itinerary can ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities. Vacations can be exhausting if you plan too many activities, so an itinerary can be helpful to ensure you schedule a time to unwind and celebrate your union.


Scheduling time together may not seem romantic, but it’s realistic when there’s so much going on around you. Carve out time to bond with your love by taking a bubble bath or playing games that help you connect and learn more about each other. This is your time to destress after all the wedding preparations and begin your new life together.

Honeymooning at Sea

A honeymoon at sea offers an adventure of a lifetime with your new spouse. These tips can help you have the best time together as you embark on your first adventure as newlyweds.