December 11, 2019 3 min read

There's a balance every bride needs to maintain to plan the ultimate wedding. You need to include all your favorite things on the big day, but you should also offer some guest favorites, so everyone has a good time.

One of the ways to make everyone happy is to think of a great menu. After your ceremony, everyone will want something amazing to eat. Make your guests' culinary experience an unforgettable one by choosing a unique menu theme. Check out these four delicious wedding menu ideas that won't disappoint. Everyone from kids to adults will love what you serve, and your big day will be remembered for the fantastic spread you put out.
1. Buffet-Style Menu
Wedding Menu Ideas Everyone wins when there's a buffet at a wedding. People can serve themselves whatever size portions they prefer, all while skipping the menu options they'd rather not have or are allergic to. Buffet food should be easy to grab and carry back to a table. Soups are simple to ladle into a bowl, but you're risking someone tripping and spilling it all over the floor if they bump into something on their way to their seat. Finger foods, salads, sliced meats and snack foods all go well with a buffet setup. Consider putting condiments on a separate table so people can top off their plates without holding up the line.
2. Homestyle Meal Menu
Wedding Menu Ideas Comfort foods are always a win — and what's more comforting than homestyle meals? Serve your guests a variety of classic favorites or put a new spin on them. Order meatloaf, mac and cheese, broccoli and cheddar soup, and more. Think about what you ate at home as a kid or what's served at your hometown's family-owned diner. Make your classic dishes fun when you organize a pizza bar with tons of different toppings for everyone to try. Include dipping sauces and healthy sides, plus plenty of napkins to go around. Take a prewedding poll to see what your guests vote for or build a menu around your favorite comfort foods.
3. Autumn Celebration Menu
Wedding Menu Ideas Fall is a popular season for weddings because of the gorgeous leaves and cooler temperatures. If you're planning autumn nuptials, think about serving foods that are inspired by the season. Barbecue and fruits like watermelon fit best in the summer, but people look forward to certain fall offerings all year long. It's easy to build an autumn entree menu for your wedding when you think about foods that feel like fall. Warm apple pie, roasted autumn vegetables and steaming stews will warm your guests before they dance the night away under the stars. Finish off the night with pumpkin pies or apple spice tea.
4. Cocktail Hour Menu
Wedding Menu Ideas Guests will need a cocktail hour menu to choose from while you take wedding photos with your family and bridal party. Don't leave people alone with a plate of crackers and cheese. Make a cocktail hour menu and feature creative slider ideas that will please anyone who attends. Burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken and roast beef are all popular slider options that guests won't be able to get enough of. They all go good with everything from draft beer to fancy cocktails.
Test Out Your Recipes
Wedding Menu Ideas If you're worried that the foods on your wedding menu won't go well together, test them out at home. Have fun sampling what you want to serve at your reception and use that experience to craft the ultimate wedding feast. If you enjoy what you make and the foods seem natural to pair together, your guests will love whatever menu you finalize.