May 19, 2021 3 min read

Decorating wedding tables is something anyone can do, because you’re limited only by your own imagination. Even when that fails you, there are thousands of images and tutorials online for entire tablescapes and every individual object that makes them up. Here are a few super simple DIY projects for inspiration.

Make your own mercury glass

This very simple DIY project suits just about any type of wedding décor. Mercury glass can add a sense of elegance to a rustic theme or provide tonal continuity to a modernist silver/white affair. You can use any glass object, from a Ball jar to a sleek bud vase, thrift store candle holder, vintage cut glass bowls or even recycled windows from a construction tear-down. Making your own mercury glass is as simple as water, white vinegar, mirror finish spray paint and a sponge. Here’s a quick tutorial that’ll take you through the steps for silver mercury glass. This video will teach you how to add color using stained glass spray paint. Since it’s so easy to do, you can recruit everyone from elementary-age kids to great-grandparents to help out on a fun pre-wedding project.

Incorporate round wood slices

wood slices cake table
Slicing a log into thin rounds is a quick way to add an eco-friendly vibe or outdoorsy feel to any wedding table. Large diameter pieces are perfect underneath dinnerplates or to ground objects in a centerpiece such as a collection of candles or vases. Smaller diameters can be used as coasters or, with a little added ingenuity, as nameplates that guide seating arrangements. You can add an airy and elegant feel in the centerpiece by placing different sizes at different heights using clear acrylic risers, then placing items atop them. If you really want to do it all yourself, you’ll need to cut the wood slides a year in advance to allow them to air dry properly. Alternatively, a quick online search should give you plenty of possibilities.

Not just flower vases—fruit vases

A clear flower vase or lidless acrylic box can be an endless source of creativity. Think of it simply as a vessel for colors and shapes—then think about all the fruit in your grocery store’s produce section. Sliced or whole, fruit comes in an array of vibrant tones, from the vivid pink of dragon fruit to the fresh green of a lime, as well as

subtler colors such as the dusky blue of blueberries and the peachy shade of a cut cantaloupe. Choose your color, add flowers and voila! Instant pop of color. Consider lemon slices when the bride has chosen yellow roses. You can secure the fruit of choice with clear glue or strategically placed toothpicks. Blueberries and strawberries with white flowers for a nautical theme. Really, the list is endless, especially if your expand your options to the vegetables. Simply fill the vase with whole or cut fruit before you add the flowers and be sure to secure them in place with pins or clear rods. And if you prefer the simple look of just flowers, choose a small vessel, add the appropriate foliage and clip on a nameplate card for an airy, unique nameplates.

Decorate with Mother Nature

There’s no more cost-effective way to decorate a wedding table than to use what Mother Nature provides. Forests, woods, deserts, grasslands and beaches are bountiful sources for your chosen décor. The simplest of slender branches can provide a touch of elegance and height to the display. Boughs can be bound together with twine and placed down the length of the table for a natural table runner. In-season wildflowers, tree flowers and berries are perfect for a mismatched collection of clear vases. River stones, driftwood or beach pebbles lend a touch of texture and speak to place. Single blooms set afloat in a shallow bowl lend understated elegance. Be sure to scatter candles through the tableaux for a lovely mix of light, shadow and scent.

Beautiful wedding tables aren’t solely the work of wedding planners and decorators, nor does it take Olympics-caliber expertise. With so many examples online and an endless variety of materials to work with, taking a table from everyday to special day is something anyone can do.