November 22, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 5 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Property for a Backyard Wedding


Backyard weddings are the latest popular trend in the bridal world. They’re intimate, budget-friendly and completely customizable.


Check out a few ways to prepare your property for a ceremony or reception to create a beautiful venue for your big day.

1. Treat It for Bugs

No one wants to step on an ant hill or walk through a spider web to reach their backyard ceremony seat. Treat your backyard for bugs at least a few weeks before everyone arrives. They’ll feel more comfortable and your property will look much better.


You’ll banish bugs like aphids that eat leaves and leave holes in the plants that will be the backdrop for your wedding.

2. Spruce Up Your Pool

Your pool is the focal point of your backyard, so make it look extra beautiful for your backyard wedding. The water should be free of debris and the lights underneath the water should sparkle.


You can always swap the existing incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives that last 20 times longer, even if you leave the lights on for 24 hours. They could be the most cost-effective part of your wedding budget that packs the biggest visual difference.

3. Banish Existing Weeds

Overgrown crabgrass and pigweed are the last things you want in your wedding photos. Get rid of them to beautify your property before your ceremony or reception instantly. You only need to research the types of weeds currently in your yard and match them with effective herbicides.

4. Add Mood Lighting

Glaring floodlights won’t set the right mood for your big day. Leave them off and use mood lighting for your backyard festivities. String lights, lanterns, and a canopy of Edison bulbs will make your property glow with hazy romantic lighting under the stars.


Consider what would look best in your space and order your lights in bulk – it’s better to have more than you need, and brides will always buy them used after your wedding.

5. Finish Landscaping Projects


Most people have outdoor work still in progress. Your yard may have a portion of fencing that needs power washing, mulch that needs replacing, or debris sticking out of your gutter.


Schedule time to finish whatever you once intended to do with your yard. The property will look much better and feel more welcoming because you took care of it.

Prepare for Your Backyard Wedding

Anyone can use these ideas to beautify their property for a backyard wedding. Think about how much space you have to work with and the current state of your yard to create a to-do list that results in the ultimate outdoor wedding venue.