March 13, 2019 3 min read

If you’ve done your best to impress your spouse-to-be with a dashing proposal, it makes perfect sense to take it a step further with your romantic post-wedding getaway.

You cannot possibly start your new chapter in life with a mediocre trip, so you should take some time to weigh your options and pick the best possible destination to reflect your preferences and your new marriage. From the secluded nooks of the South Pacific, sultry islands of Greece, cold-struck corners of Scandinavia, all the way to the urban gems of Europe, the world is brimming with wonderful options to suit every sensibility. Let’s go over the top five locations that will be perfect for your 2019 honeymoon adventure, so that you can finally start packing your bags and making reservations!
1. The timeless charm of the Maldives
Hottest Honeymoon Destinations Can anything match the iridescence of azure waves and the soothing warmth of the tropics nestled in the embrace of this little archipelago? The Maldives preserve their reputation as one of the finest picks for couples, as you’ll find it all wrapped up into a single package: a touch of luxury paired with intact nature, all imbued with the taste of yet another delicious tropical cocktail such as the Maldivian Lady. You’ll also notice that the islands are perfect for a wellness refuge, as massage sessions and beauty treatments abound. Beach-hopping and basking in the sun will be your favorite pastime activity, the Maldives promise that much.
2. The breathtaking nature of New Zealand
Hottest Honeymoon Destinations You don’t have to be a LOTR fan to put this incredible country on your bucket list. All you need is some desire for adventure and a love for nature, and you’ll find yourself rushing to discover the emerald meadows, the surfing thrill, and the authentic cultural heritage of New Zealand. Considering the number of worthy excursions you should take, it’s best to stay independent and have your own wheels. There are numerous ways to get around New Zealand, but one of the easiest and safest is to opt for a rental vehicle through an agency such as Avis car rental where you can even be mobile between the two islands during your stay. Make sure to visit both and explore the many hidden beach alcoves as well as the inland, because the landscape of this country is a spectacle you shouldn’t miss.
3. Zambia’s untamed spirit
Hottest Honeymoon Destinations This African diamond in the rough has come a long way over the years to combine its wilderness with the increased need for luxurious getaways for honeymooners and similar special occasions. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised to discover this country’s prestigious lodges, impeccable safari offers, and wildlife spotting excursions. Another perk of this fast-advancing travel destination is their offer of adventurous activities, so you won’t be just a passive observer or an admirer of the wildlife you’ll spot there. On the contrary, with canoeing, private walking safaris, and fishing, you can infuse your entire honeymoon with fun and exciting activities.
4. Iceland and its pristine beauty
Hottest Honeymoon Destinations On one end of the spectrum, you have the tropics and the Maldives, but for the lovers of show-clad mountaintops, Iceland lies at the other end of this very spectrum as the ideal choice for honeymooners who describe romance as sitting next to a fireplace with a cup of cocoa, after spending the entire day climbing the glaciers. Iceland will take you above and beyond wild, to spectacular vistas such as the Aurora, to natural reserves brimming with frozen lakes, mountain-biking roads, and dipping yourself into the hot springs in the middle of the snow and cold.
5. Escape to the serenity of Tuscany
Hottest Honeymoon Destinations A classic for wine connoisseurs and gourmets at heart, this Italian region will not disappoint travelers of all sorts. You can stay in boutique hotels, eons away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, and yet tantalizingly close for short visits when you’re in the mood for a more urban environment. You can spend your days tasting wine, cheese, and other delicacies, all locally-made, and perusing Florence’s historic quarters while you wait for another trip to the vineyards away from the cities. The sheer diversity of what Tuscany has to offer makes it a favorite for young couples as well as those celebrating their fortieth anniversary, so rest assured this one will be a top contestant when you choose your honeymoon destination. What are you waiting for? Talk it over, choose the perfect escape spot, and fill your schedule with activities that will help you bond with your new spouse! hottest honeymoon destinations