October 16, 2019 3 min read

If there is one thing that a fall wedding guarantees, it’s definitely breathtaking pictures thanks to the beautiful warm colors of the season! Just imagine how stunning you will look in your pristine white wedding dress contrasted by a perfectly black suit, surrounded with all those magnificent gold, yellow, red and brown nuances! But we can also thank this season on one more thing – the incredible drinks and beverages, which can be one of the great things to remember your fall wedding for! You will be able to bring out and enjoy the delicious fall flavors. Keep reading and let’s see what types of beverages are perfect for this occasion and should definitely be included to gladden your guests!
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding Let’s start with wine, since it is fundamental! You will probably never attend a wedding where they do not serve wine. It is classy and basic, no matter if we are talking about red, white or sparkling. Everyone likes wine, so your guests will be disappointed if you do not provide them with this drink during the reception. It agrees well with all kinds of food, so your guests will be able to sip it with pleasure while having a bite. It will also get them in the mood for dancing and partying, and it is perfect for making a toast.
Craft Beer
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding Beer is cool, but craft beer is even more awesome, and somehow, it is perfect for a fall wedding! The craft beer industry is said to be booming, and it looks like people are finding more ways to incorporate this theme into their wedding. It used to be appealing only to beer geeks, but things have changed and an increasing number of people are turning to craft beer these days. You will definitely impress the guests if you come up with this idea, and beer is absolutely amazing with different kinds of food as well. Both wine and beer can stimulate appetite, but they are also great to drink after eating.
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding Coffee might seem like a random suggestion, but it actually is not, because we all love it and your guests will be very satisfied if you offer them this energy-boosting beverage as well. If your guests get a bit tired after the ceremony, this is a great way to reset. It is usually perfect after the meal, but some will probably want to drink it before. You can explore different coffee blends and offer your guests a variety of tasty options. There are many cool blends with even cooler names you might find attractive.
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding We delight in cocktails because of the rich flavors, which can especially be noticed in the fall! We can pair dark rum with sweet apples, infuse the flavors of nutmeg and vanilla bean with bourbon, or enjoy that cardamon-scented spiked chai. You can even consider signature wedding cocktails, since many couples like this cute little addition to the wedding menu. Even though it seems that more people are obsessed with wine and beer, there will certainly be those who will love your signature cocktails.
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding Cider is mostly popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but this delicious alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice is a perfect addition to a fall wedding anywhere in the world! There are different types of cider, so you can go for hard cider (it has more alcohol), or apple cider, which is less sweet and usually unfiltered. People tend to spice it with cinnamon to make it even tastier.
Non-alcoholic beverages
Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding Don’t forget about your underage guests or those who simply don’t drink alcohol. For them, you also need different types of non-alcoholic beverages, like all sorts of juices and sodas. Flavored water, lemonade, iced tea, non-alcoholic cocktails, sparkling water – all this should be included in the menu as well. The more different types of beverages are there, the better. Younger guests will also appreciate if there are straws and cute-looking garnishes, so the drinks look more tempting. Your fall wedding is going to be unforgettable, and different drinks and beverages will be one of the reasons why. From the basics like wine and beer to signature cocktails and ciders, make a menu that your guests will remember by including all these awesome drinks mentioned above! Enjoy the magnificent fall flavors and get the most out of this season! Best Drinks & Beverages to Serve at a Fall Wedding