December 23, 2019 4 min read

Your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life. Friends and family come together to celebrate the bond you share with your partner. In short, you want things to go perfectly.

So how can you pull of the “perfect” honeymoon on a shoestring budget? It’s possible, but it takes some ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. You may have to get a little creative. With that in mind, here are seven budget-friendly ideas for your honeymoon that are a bit unconventional.
1. Combine Events
Unless it’s family tradition to wed in a specific cathedral, there's no need to stay close to home when you say, "I do." Destination weddings combine the freedom of a vacation with an unforgettable setting for nuptial photographs. Maybe you'll decide to head to the Caribbean or out to the picturesque desert Southwest. Whatever your yen, you can find your dream locale and not have to drive far — or at all — from the altar to the reception. When planning a destination wedding, pay attention to local weather reports. You don't want your big day rained out in the middle of hurricane season. You also need to plan appropriate attire so you’re comfortable and not shivering your way through your vows.
2. Take a Glamping Trip
Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Honeymoon Glamping is all the rage as of late. It combines the get-back-to-nature aspect of camping with the amenities you'd expect at a resort. Glamping accommodations differ widely in how rough they are. For example, some facilities deliberately restrict Wi-Fi access to allow for a more intimate connection with nature. You can also expect to enjoy a whole host of outdoor activities. You and your new spouse can learn about the various types of kayaks and take one for a spin. You can go fishing if you're the angling sort, or enjoy a hike, hand in hand.
3. Host a Movie Marathon
Are you a movie buff with a massive collection of DVDs? Do you like the idea of marathoning your favorite films with your partner, snuggling up side by side as you work your way through the list? It may seem a bit underwhelming, but it can be a fun and budget-friendly way to spend your honeymoon. Who says you have to fly to a tropical island to enjoy your time together? If you’re more of a homebody, there’s nothing wrong with watching a few, sizzling romance movies. Or maybe you want something a little more exciting. Either way, you’ll get to share the movies you love with the love of your life.
4. Fly the Redeye
Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Honeymoon What do you do when you're on a plane? If you just got married, you might spend the time snuggling. However, most people typically sleep. Why pay more to catch your Zs on a Saturday afternoon? If possible, try to book the redeye flight, which typically features the lowest fares. You can also save considerable money by flying out on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This delay gives you time to relax after the wedding and put your gifts away.
5. Choose Less Expensive Lodging
Your honeymoon is your honeymoon regardless of the sign on your hotel door. You don't need it to read "Honeymoon Suite" to make it into one, do you? Look for less expensive lodging by booking the least, not the most expensive room at the hotel. Have you always dreamed of honeymooning in Paris? If you're on a shoestring, you might not be able to afford a hotel — but if you have a friend there, can you house share? In today's gig economy world, you can often find alternative lodging on sites like Airbnb or VRBO. You can also join home swap groups online if you have to fulfill your dream of heading abroad.
6. Eat Locally and Dine In
Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Honeymoon Local food often tastes better, and it’s usually more nutritious for you. If you simply must dine at a four-star restaurant, select one night of your honeymoon to splurge. Then, seek small nearby restaurants for your remaining meals. You'll get to savor the local flavor and try exotic new dishes. Try dining in now and then, too. You can have a romantic candlelit meal in bed consisting of takeout Thai. If you have access to a stove, you can always cook a meal together.
7. Use Your Rewards
If you're cash-poor but you have good credit, it's time to capitalize on that — but not by racking up debt. Well before the big day, sign up for one of the top travel rewards credit cards and use it for everyday purchases like gas and groceries. The trick is paying your card off at the end of each month. That way, you build up your rewards miles quickly but don't accrue costly interest.
Enjoy Your Honeymoon Without Spending a Lot
You and your new spouse can enjoy a romantic honeymoon without parting with a ton of cash. Follow these tips to start your new life together with them the right way. Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Honeymoon