April 22, 2022 3 min read

7 Clever Signage Tips for Your Venue

Weddings require many supplies. You’ve likely spent many hours considering flower arrangements and tablecloths, but don’t forget your signs. They will direct your guests and save you time, so consider using these clever signage tips for your venue to make this part of your wedding planning more manageable.

1. Create Rain-Proof Signs

Everyone wants sunshine on their wedding day. It helps everyone start the day in a cheerful mood and lights every part of your venue for stunning photo backdrops. At the same time, weather patterns are unpredictable during any season. It’s best to make rain-proof signs for any outdoor signage.

 Look for water-proof printing so your writing doesn’t leak during a rain shower or thunderstorm. You’ll feel more at ease if a quick storm blows through the area while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive.

2. Place Some by the Road

Your guests might need some help locating your venue if it’s in a remote destination. Sometimes entrances can even be hard to spot. Although you can include directions on your wedding website, signs will help your guests right when they need assistance.

Place one or two by the main road that connects to your venue. Arrows and a friendly reminder will direct them to their parking.

3. Plan for UV Rays

If you arrive at your venue a day or two before your ceremony, the management team will likely allow you to set up early. Your signs will all be in place before your big day begins, but that exposes them to ultraviolet (UV) light.

UV rays affect signs by damaging and chipping painted letters, phrases or pictures. Brides can avoid this damage by selecting signs with materials designed to stand up well under direct sunlight, like acrylic backing.

4. Display Dietary Information 

While your partner is figuring out how to wear his suit with sneakers, consider other small details that will matter more on your big day. Your guests will need to know if they can eat the food at your wedding buffet bar. Signs make potential allergens and unwanted ingredients clear.

Keep everyone safe from allergic reactions or upset stomachs by creating small signs next to each dish. Use them to highlight common allergen ingredients like gluten, dairy and eggs. Everyone will feel more comfortable filling their plates when it’s finally time to celebrate with a meal, making this one of the most clever signage tips for your venue.

5. Make One With Lights

Signs don’t have to be flat boards with writing on them. They can also be custom words or phrases made with LED lights. Order one that spells out your new last name and hang it behind your reception table or within a photo booth.

You’ll love the festive atmosphere the extra lighting creates, whether it’s at your venue or in your home after your honeymoon.

6. Practice Your Handwriting

Brides can also personalize their venue signs by writing extra notes or details by hand. The signs displaying your reception menu or welcome greeting will feel much more special with a little message from you or your partner. Find a paint pen and practice your cursive handwriting to make something beautiful and memorable.

7. Mark Seats With Signs

If you’re planning to designate seats for everyone at your ceremony or reception, make things clear with miniature signs. They can wait for everyone on tables so your guests can quickly spot their correct seats.

Consider using see-through materials like glass or plastic for any signs that will sit between seated guests. Otherwise, they could block everyone’s view and disrupt conversations.

Create Signs for Your Venue

Now that you’ve read a few clever signage tips for your venue, think about what would make your wedding day better for everyone.

Placing a few signs by the entrance to your venue, indicating food allergens and even creating something custom for a photo booth will make your big day extra special with little extra effort!