April 22, 2020 3 min read

There are few things more exciting than getting married! You have so many wonderful memories to make — and decorating your new nest is just one of them. Of course, the decorating process isn’t without its challenges.

From fighting over a faucet design to finding the right curtains, sharing a home isn't all rainbows and butterflies. To make your home more comfortable for both yourself and your partner, you’ll likely have to compromise. With that in mind, here are a few home upgrades that are easy to agree on.
1. Install a Double Vanity
A single sink with limited counter and cabinet space will only make getting ready for work or dinner a frustrating and time-consuming experience. If your master bathroom only has one sink, it’s time to upgrade. Installing a double vanity is an inexpensive solution that will double your storage and counter space and make your morning routine a breeze.
2. Remodel the Kitchen
Home Upgrades Once you're married, you won't be eating out every night. It’s not exactly a cost-effective way to live, and beyond that, you may be excited to develop your culinary skills. Of course, that may be difficult if you don't have the counter space to prepare a proper meal. Give your kitchen a minor remodel, replacing old fixtures and maybe even adding a small island or bar. A small remodel will cost about $22,200 compared to a large-scale renovation which may cost twice that.
3. Add a Security System
Purchasing a home is a huge investment — one that you should protect. Adding a home security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your house and everything in it, including your growing family. Roughly 60% of intruders will avoid targeting your home if you have a monitoring alarm system. Plus, these systems allow you to get immediate help in a medical emergency. Whether you're home or away, the peace of mind a security system gives you will be worth every penny.
4. Finish the Guest Room
Your marriage has united two families, therein doubling the number of guests who'll likely visit. Thus, having an extra bedroom to offer visitors is essential. If you haven't gotten around to decorating, painting and furnishing your guest room, now's the time to do so. If renovations include new flooring, rewiring or new windows, this project may cost a few thousand dollars. However, if all you need to do is add a few finishing touches, you may only spend a few hundred.
5. Organize Closet Space
Home Upgrades Having two people in one home also adds twice as many outfits, pairs of shoes and bulky winter coats to your closet. If you don't have the luxury of having a walk-in closet, you'll need to maximize the space you do have. Purchase a few shoe racks, storage compartments and adjustable shelving to help organize your closet and separate your clothing into his and hers sections. You might also consider purchasing a large wardrobe or building storage compartments under your bed.
6. Build a New Deck
Improve your quality of life and your home's market value by adding a new deck. While, before, you may have been content to simply sit in a lawn chair in your backyard, your significant other might want somewhere a little nicer to sip their morning coffee or do yoga. Plus, a deck provides you with a great place to entertain guests and play with the kids down the road. This upgrade will cost $10,000 to $20,000 and you'll get a 72% ROI when you sell.
7. Replace the Front Door
Before getting married, you probably didn't think twice about your shabby front door with the jiggly knob. Now, however, there'll be two of you going in and out of the house and that door will be seeing more action. Thus, it may be a smart idea to replace your front door — for both security and aesthetic reasons. After all, the front door is the first thing your new mother-in-law will see and you want to make a good impression.
Investing in Your Future Together
A few simple upgrades can make your place far more accommodating. They can turn a house into a forever home, somewhere you can start a family and live out the best years of your life with the one you love. If that sounds good to you, start investing in your future with a few of the upgrades above! Home Upgrades