January 03, 2022 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Your honeymoon is more than a time to celebrate your love. It’s also a vacation — why not have a little excitement in between mimosas and elegant dinners?

Are you stuck for ideas? Here are four adventurous things to try on your honeymoon.

1. Rock Climbing

You can try indoor or outdoor rock climbing — starting inside is usually preferable, as you benefit from trainers and padding while you master the moves. Once you get the hang of how to use a carabiner, you can try some of those glorious peaks surrounding your honeymoon resort.

If you don’t like the idea of dangling from a rope, try bouldering. All you need is the right crash pad and your two hands and feet to scramble up obstacles.

2. Gambling

Maybe you decided to get hitched in Sin City, or perhaps you’re on the East Coast, not far from the Atlantic City boardwalk. You’re probably feeling luckier than ever with your new spouse at your side, so why not test your mojo at the blackjack tables?

You don’t have to bet much or go to the big tables if you don’t like pressing your luck too much. For example, you could opt for video poker instead of plunking down $100 to get in on a traditional round.

3. Skydiving

couple in front of plane

Truly brave souls might try skydiving on their honeymoon. You won’t be able to down any liquid courage, though — you must be 100% sober to jump, per FAA rules.

If you’re not quite as much of a daredevil, why not try an indoor version? Such centers recreate the sensation of freefall in a wind tunnel — but you won’t need a parachute.

4. Swimming With Dolphins — or Sharks

Swimming with dolphins is popular at many resorts. The crystal blue waters off the Yucatan offer plenty of opportunities to get up close with these gentle creatures.

If you’re a bit braver, why not book a ride in a shark tank? You’ll stay safely behind metal while these ancient predators surround you for quite the adrenaline rush.

Try These Adventurous Things on Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is also a vacation — so make it fun. Try one of these four adventurous things you’re sure to remember forever.

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