May 03, 2021 2 min read

One of the most enduring wedding traditions is toasting the new couple. However, who says that you have to opt for flutes and Dom Perignon?

Why not consider some modern twists that save you money and potential headaches? Here are four alternatives to a champagne toast.

1. Go Non-Alcoholic

Who said you had to skip the bubbly just because you don’t want to imbibe in alcohol? You can find multiple varieties of non-alcoholic champagne that offer all the pop and flavor without risking a DUI.

You’re doing your guests a favor by skipping the hard stuff. Drinking can irritate your stomach, even give you an ulcer if you overindulge too much. Plus, alcohol can worsen anxiety symptoms and leave you craving more.

2. Try an Exotic Blend

Are you planning a destination wedding? Even if you are staying close to home, why not delight your guests with the taste of a faraway land? Try one of these ten refreshing beverages from around the world — you may slake the thirst of guests with pandemic wanderlust.

3. Feature a Local Favorite

champagne toast

Chances are, you have a beverage or two in your hometown that you can’t get anywhere else. When guests arrive from out-of-town, why not delight them with this local favorite? You’ll ignite nostalgia in those who have been craving for a taste of where they grew up and went to school.

4. Let Your Guests Decide

If you want to stay alcohol-free but give your guests the option to indulge, why not allow freedom of choice? Some can opt for the traditional flute of champagne. Others might prefer an equally delicious crisp apple sparkling cider or another non-alcoholic bubbly like 7-Up.

Brides, Consider These 4 Alternatives to a Champagne Toast

If you or your new spouse prefer to stay alcohol-free on your big day, you can still partake in the traditional bubbly. Consider these four alternatives to the champagne toast.