August 23, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

The average cost of a wedding cake comes in at approximately $350. That’s quite a hefty sum if you’re hosting on a budget. Why not get a bit more creative and original?

Here are five unconventional desserts to consider serving at your wedding.

1. Shoofly Pie

If you’re getting hitched in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, why not honor the location with a dry or wet bottom shoofly pie? This tasty treat was created to commemorate the Declaration of Independence. It’s the ideal dessert, especially if you planned your big day around a historical theme.

2. Virgin Mudslides

Why not drink your dessert? No, this tip doesn’t refer to that one uncle who takes full advantage of the open bar. However, a virgin version of a sweet concoction like a mudslide topped with plenty of whipped cream and shaved chocolate curls makes an elegant end to any meal.

3. Petit Fours

dessert tray

Why go for one big cake when each guest can enjoy several tiny ones? Petit fours are a classic part of afternoon teas, making them ideal for smaller, intimate noon weddings. Plus, you can indulge both chocolate and vanilla lovers by offering different flavors.

4. Gourmet Fruit Cups

Are you and your mate on the paleo diet or another low-carb eating plan? Why not opt for a healthy dessert if you don’t want to blow all your progress on your big day? 

You can make elegant fruit cups out of low-carb selections and include a dollop of whipped cream for guests who don't mind added sugar. You can even find vegan toppings if you and your partner avoid animal products.

5. Ice Cream

I scream, you scream — who doesn’t scream for ice cream? If you’re having a summer wedding, this treat will help keep your guests cool and comfortable. Given COVID-19 considerations, you might not want to do a sundae bar, but you could allow each guest to select their favorite toppings from a menu.

Brides, Why Not Serve One of These 5 Unconventional Desserts at Your Wedding?

While a cake is a traditional wedding dessert, your big day should be as unique as your love. Why not serve one of these five unconventional desserts at your reception?

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