September 07, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Wedding planning can seem like a daunting task. How can you possibly remember everything? Why not turn to technology for assistance? Can AI help with wedding planning?

The answer is yes — here’s how.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

“Artificial intelligence” might sound like a scary sci-fi term, but it simply refers to using machines to take over tasks traditionally handled by humans. It uses computer technology to perform far more complex operations than those of the assembly lines of yesteryear, interpreting user data and providing useful projections and predictions for making better decisions.

In the business world, AI drives efficiency. For example, banks that use this technology to build predictions raise 10% more in sales and save on overhead costs.

Did that money mention catch your attention? It should. Planning a wedding is an expensive endeavor. AI can help you stick to your budget — but that’s not the only perk.

6 Tips for Harnessing AI’s Power in Wedding Planning

AI Hand

If you want to use AI to help with wedding planning, there’s probably already an app for that. Check out what this technology can help you do.

1. Manage Your Budget

Financial savings are one huge reason to embrace AI. Apps such as Mint allow you to create separate sample budgets, crunching numbers this way and that until you can finance your dream wedding without ending up in the poorhouse.

2. Tally RSVPs and Coordinate Meals

Does your Aunt Sally have celiac disease, or does someone on your invitation list have a peanut allergy? You don’t want to risk sickening your guests. AI can help you keep track of everyone’s needs and even suggest dishes friendly to all.

3. Keep Everything on Schedule

You don’t want to serve a formal sit-down meal until all your guests have arrived. You can use AI to have attendees check in or send notifications of delays to keep everything on schedule.

4. Help Guests Find Their Way

You probably use AI in your daily life without knowing it when you talk to your vehicle’s GPS device. It can also help your guests navigate unfamiliar streets. Apps such as Waze even help them avoid traffic jams.

5. Create the Ultimate Playlist

Do you want to ensure the DJ plays every special tune you adore? Help them out with the use of AI. You can create your entire reception playlist in advance.

6. Design Your Dream Honeymoon

Finally, AI can help you design your dream honeymoon. Do you know that you want a tropical beach but aren’t sure where to place your bets during hurricane season? Technology can predict areas most likely to endure storms during your stay.

Let AI Help With Your Wedding Planning

Getting all the details of your big day organized is a challenging undertaking. Why not let AI help with your wedding planning and ease your stress?

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