August 10, 2020 2 min read

Saying “I do” in the summertime sounded charming. But the forecast is calling for temperatures over 90 with high humidity. So how can you keep your cool at a warm-weather wedding without ruining your look? Here are a few tips for staying sweat-free. 

Methods of Staying Cool

You can’t take advantage of A.C. at an outdoor ceremony. Take the following five precautions instead.

1. Provide Shade

When you order your canopies, make sure you know how many guests can fit under each one and allow for a few open seats. You don’t want anyone stuck standing in the sun. 

2. Fans as Favors

While you usually save party favors for the reception, you can add them to seats for an outdoor ceremony, indoor celebration. You can find handheld misting fans at many dollar stores, which won’t put you over budget. 

3. Relaxed Dress Code

bride & groom kissing in the sun

If you are planning an outdoor evening soiree in August, don’t make it a white-tie affair. Humidity makes a tuxedo sweltering long after the sun goes down by trapping the heat. Go as casual as possible. 

4. Keep Ice Handy 

If you plan an outdoor reception, you’ll need extra ice to keep people’s drinks chilled. However, it’s handy to keep a cooler even if only your ceremony takes place outdoors. You can cool down quickly by placing a piece on your pulse points. 

5. Short and Sweet

Finally, keep outdoor ceremonies short and sweet. While your guests can excuse themselves from the reception early, they won’t leave the main show out of fear of appearing rude. This reluctance can result in them suffering distress — treat them with love by skipping all fourth and subsequent hymns. 

The Dangers of Heat-Related Illness

An average of 702 people die every year from heat-related illnesses, so keeping comfortable at your wedding isn’t solely a matter of vanity. It’s wise to learn the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke to know when to call 911. 

Sunburn stings, plus it can lead to cancer. Keep a few sunscreen packets on hand if you notice any guests who may need the extra protection. It costs little but makes a good impression.  

Keep Your Cool at Your Warm-Weather Wedding

Keeping cool at your warm-weather wedding ensures you won’t wilt into a mess before the photographer arrives. More critically, it keeps you and your guests safe. Follow the suggestions above as you move forward, and you have nothing to worry about!