November 08, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins 

Ah, coffee — the magical drink that makes mornings manageable. Regardless of the rest of your reception menu, this beverage deserves a place on it. However, you don’t have to stay with the tried-and-true — and rather tired — carafe. Here are four creative ways to serve coffee at your wedding.

1. Choose the Best Brands

This advice doesn’t mean going with kopi luwak, the world’s most expensive — and controversial — brew. It’s made from coffee cherries eaten, digested and then pooped (ew) by the Asian palm civet, a critter resembling a cross between a cat and a raccoon. These poor creatures often suffer cruel treatment. You don’t want those bad juju vibes on your big day.

Instead, why not select a brand that gives back and lets your guests share in the goodness? Some brands promote animal welfare by connecting veterans with service animals, something that will add a little warmth to your big day.

2. Add a Little Adult Twist

Unless your family resembles something off “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” you’ll probably have more adults than little ones in attendance. Help them relax and get in the festive spirit by adding some adult beverages to your coffee choices.

Even if you plan a DIY event, it’s a snap to learn how to mix drinks like Irish coffee and cold brew cabanas. Include details like chocolate straws for a sweet and environmentally friendly garnish.

3. Hire a Barista

coffee beans in a heart shape

You probably wouldn’t dream of having an open bar without a professional mixologist doing the pouring. Why not hire a barista to manage your coffee and tea choices, especially if you’re having a nonalcoholic affair with such beverages as the centerpiece?

It’s not a challenge to find such an individual. Your venue may provide one. If not, consider talking to the barista at your favorite morning coffee shop. With rising prices, people need work — you could get lucky with someone looking to moonlight for extra cash.

4. Consider a DIY Toppings Bar

If you’re planning a buffet-style dinner, why not let your guests DIY when it comes to the coffee and dessert course, too? You can set out a gourmet coffee bar complete with toppings like gingerbread crumbs for holiday events and tons of whipped cream and various flavored creamers.

5. Think Decaf for Evening Soirees

Many guests prefer coffee with dessert, but a cup of high octane can leave them tossing and turning all night. If your reception falls later than 3 p.m., include a decaf choice. You should still offer the regular stuff for guests who might be shift workers — or who are merely down to dance all night.

Serve Coffee in Creative Ways at Your Wedding

Nearly every reception includes the magical bean water brew. Serve coffee in the above five creative ways at your wedding.

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