December 13, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Many newlyweds consider getting a pet, but not every couple is ready for one. An animal is a huge responsibility that can add plenty of stress along with its cuteness, so to be sure you’re ready, ask yourself these questions.

1. What Kind of Pet Suits You?

Think about your partner’s style and how it matches yours. Consider whether you can afford the expenses that come with a young or senior animal and if you’d prefer to go through a breeder or adopt from a shelter. Are you more laid-back and prefer a low-maintenance animal, like a cat, or are you active and want to take a dog out on hiking trails with you?

If you decide to get a dog, think about the breed. Large dogs have certain needs and may not be as healthy as smaller ones. Little canines are a deeper commitment, as they may live years longer than their larger counterparts.

2. Do You Have Enough Space?

Where do you live? If you and your spouse plan to stay in an apartment, do you have enough space for a dog? If you have a house, how will you maintain the yard with the difficulties a pooch brings?

Consider what you’ll do when it rains. Will you be wiping your pup’s muddy paws every time it comes inside, or will you replace grass with pet-friendly turf that leaves no mess behind? Make sure your space reflects the kind of pet you plan to get.

3. Are You Financially Ready?

gold retriever outside

Many couples buy homes together after marriage. Between the wedding and homeownership, many newlyweds find their finances stretched thinly. Having a pet will also take a toll on your budget, as you have to keep up with their food expenses, veterinary bills and other essential items that increase their quality of life.

First, build up your savings, then consider getting a pet. They have emergencies just like people, and you need to be prepared for anything your little bundle of fur throws at you.

4. Who Will Tackle Responsibilities?

You may believe that you and your spouse will share responsibilities regarding your petequally, but sometimes, that isn’t the case. Someone will have a difficult day at work and may not pull the same weight they usually do.


Marriage is about communication and compromises. If you’re not willing to walk the dog some nights or scoop your cat’s litter on others for your partner, it may not be the right time to think about adding to your family.

Give Your Furry Friend Their Best Life

Pets are great companions for any size family, and most owners consider their animals their “fur babies.” Once you’re ready for a furry companion, you’ll know — and you and your spouse will provide it with the best home possible.

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