February 01, 2022 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Planning your big day takes considerable time. It’s not something that most couples can pull off in a weekend — it takes months. Such a lengthy process can leave you exhausted if you don’t approach it wisely.

Here’s how to avoid wedding planning burnout while still achieving the wedding of your dreams.

1. Take Regular Breaks

Do you spend every weekend pouring over bridal magazines when you aren’t attending expos? If so, you could overwhelm yourself with decision fatigue. There’s seemingly no end to the array of gowns, invitations, and decor choices to make.

Take a tip from savvy employers who understand that healthy workers need time to spend with family and friends and take care of their health. They support their staff by providing fair salaries and paid leave, knowing they’ll be rewarded with more productive employees.

Do the same. Walk away from planning for a weekend and take a road trip with your sweetie. If you don’t have much of a travel urge, let your mind relax as you settle in for a Netflix binge.

2. Prioritize

More work goes into planning a wedding than many people realize. However, not all aspects of planning require equal weight.

For example, if you and your beau are religious, you might pay more attention to the actual ceremony, planning each song and step to showcase your faith. If you’re more interested in dancing till dawn, your reception might take the largest chunk of your budget and focus.

3. Delegate

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Your wedding day is your chance to shine — but you are only one person, after all. It’s unrealistic for you to tackle every aspect of planning, right down to how you’ll plate the entrees at your reception.

To avoid wedding planning burnout, learn to let go and trust the folks you hire. Going bridezilla only creates more stress for you and everyone around you. Rest assured that if you did your due diligence, your caterer will take care of necessities like tending to food safety and creating an attractive presentation.

4. Practice Self-Care

You’re the star of your wedding show — how can you perform at your best if you don’t take care of yourself? Ensure you allow plenty of time for exercising and preparing healthy meals so that you look and feel terrific on your big day. Fortunately, you don’t have to devote hours to the gym. You can get a killer workout in just 10 minutes. Supplement this activity by walking on your work breaks, and you’ll hit your daily quota.

Be kind to your mind, not just your body. Taking ten minutes to meditate each day can help invoke calm and stave off the anxiety too much stress can produce.

How to Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout

You want your big day to be picture-perfect, which requires considerable planning. However, you can grow overwhelmed when tackling such a mammoth task. Follow the four tips above to avoid wedding planning burnout.

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