January 11, 2021 2 min read

If you’ve crossed plane travel or a sunset cruise off your post-wedding possibility list, you aren’t alone. Driving gives you more intimate time with your sweetheart, free from TSA hassles and lost luggage worries. However, it still requires thought.

Here’s what to do when planning out your road-trip honeymoon.

1. Design Your Itinerary

Hitting the open road means going where the spirit moves you. Why restrict yourself to seeing only one city when you can tour several of America’s best small towns and see how different life is in different regions?

Plan your route around attractions you hope to hit. Car enthusiasts can visit museums and exhibits dedicated to all things automotive, while history buffs can tour destinations like the Daniel Boone homestead.

Remember, your mutual passions outside of the sheets can also bring you closer. Are you and your beau a pair of foodies? Eat your way up and down the New England coast while gorging on some of the freshest lobster ever.

2. Determine Lodging Choices

If you are a luxury lover with a fat pocketbook, you can find romantic hotels that cater to honeymooners. The only problem is, you might never want to leave your suite, it’s so cozy.

However, you don’t have to break the bank. Spend your honeymoon near one of America’s national parks at a top glamping destination — you get the fun of camping without the bad back that results from sleeping on a rock.

3. Get Transportation-Savvy

VW bus

If you plan to take your vehicle, make sure you get it serviced before hitting the road. Nothing puts a damper on your fun like a 10-mile hike down the highway to reach the nearest gas station. It pays to look into roadside assistance plans — your credit card might include this perk free, so check.

However, if you drive a gas-guzzler, why not investigate the cost of renting a hybrid? You’ll substantially reduce your carbon footprint and save tons of cash on gas — which you can instead use for souvenirs.

4. Take Care of Incidentals

Finally, you’ll need to take care of things at the homestead. If you or your spouse has children you plan to leave home, you’ll need to find a sitter. Please do this well in advance so that you can examine qualifications such as first aid and CPR training and get to trust them.

Likewise, if you have furry friends, you’ll need to find a pet-sitter. Even if you don’t have to worry about living creatures left behind, it’s still wise to have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers — otherwise, thieves could target your home.

Planning Out Your Road Trip Honeymoon Is a Blast with These Tips

Driving honeymoons save you a bundle of headaches — no dealing with airlines and security. Plus, planning out your road trip honeymoon is a blast with the four tips above.