November 02, 2020 2 min read

You probably don’t need an advice column to tell you that weddings can get pricey. If you have your heart set on a Cinderella fantasy, it might cost you. So how can you come up with the extra cash?

The following five smart ways can boost your wedding budget and leave a bit leftover for the honeymoon.

1. Consider a Fun Side Hustle

If you already drag yourself through your 9-to-5, you might shudder at taking on a second job. However, side hustles don’t have to be unpleasant, nor need they continue what you do all day.

If you love kids, consider listing your sitter services on sites like Do you adore four-legged critters? Sign up to walk dogs with Rover or host pooches for vacationing puppy parents. Do you live to knit? Sell your creations on Etsy and set up a shop taking custom orders.

2. Fix and Flip Real Estate

If you and your beau-to-be can swing hammers and have decent credit, flipping a house can put a sizable sum of cash in your pocket quickly. Look for a property that’s structurally sound — no mold or roof problems.

Get a professional inspection to rule out any hidden-yet-costly flaws. It also pays to check the market trends if you hope to sell before saying, “I do.”

3. Advertise on Your Vehicle

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Do you want an effortless way to get paid? Use your car as a rolling advertisement.

Several companies will pay you to advertise on your car — even for parking in prime locations during peak times. Some do require a minimum daily mileage, so choose the one that best matches your travel schedule.

4. Create an Online Course

Let’s face it — labor doesn’t pay the way it used to do. You could work long hours for years and still not save enough for a designer gown.

Why not make something that pays you residuals? If you design an online course, you can reap the rewards for years with little if any additional work necessary.

5. Clean Out and Sell Household Goods

Are you and your spouse-to-be combining households? Say hello to sweet moolah once you get to work.

You’ll have to go through your belongings at some point before moving into your new home. As you begin sorting, list items with online sites like Mercari and Facebook Marketplace to net more than the average yard sale transaction.

Boost Your Wedding Budget With These 5 Smart Tips

If you need to boost your money budget, the tips above can help. While you may not get rich, you can upgrade your meal options or extend your honeymoon by a day or two.