January 26, 2021 2 min read

If you and your spouse-to-be share a long-distance romance, you probably plan to cohabitate after exchanging vows. How can you cope if you’re on the West Coast and they’re on the East Coast?

Here are four tips for brides who plan to move across the country.

1. Reserve Your Equipment Early

If you plan on moving during peak season, such as after a June wedding, reserve your equipment extra early. Moving experts recommend ordering things like moving PODS at least a week before your planned departure date.

Likewise, doing so gives you time to pack your trailer appropriately to distribute weight evenly. If you rush and place your weightiest cargo over the axle, the wheels will support the load, but the tongue will sway during transport — which could take you over the edge on a windy mountain road. Likewise, adding all the heavy stuff near the rear can cause tongue lift and lack of control.

2. Get Ruthless With Sorting

Start packing as soon as you know you plan to move, beginning with the rooms you use least often. Sort items into three separate piles — to take, recycle and sell or donate.

A sensible rule of thumb is to dispose of anything you haven’t touched in the past year. You can make an exception for sentimental items like your grandmother’s broach, but that chair you got at a yard sale and never refinished can go.

3. Call in the Troops

woman surrounded by moving boxes

It may seem unfair to ask your friends for help — after all, it’s not like you’ll be in town to return the favor. However, you need help, and you can show your appreciation in other ways.

If you have little ones and your BFF loves kids, they can take babysitting duty instead of schlepping boxes. If you are solo, pizza and a few brewskis work wonders to rally the troops.

4. Give Yourself Time

Moving and marriage are two of life’s most stressful events. Having them occur back to back can rattle the heartiest souls.

If possible, give yourself a few extra days before reporting to your new job to get settled. You’ll need time to get comfy with the location of the nearest grocery, and you’ll feel more grounded once you unpack and organize a bit.

Brides, Use These Tips for Moving Across the Country

If you plan to move across the country after saying, “I do,” you need to make additional preparations. Use this checklist of tips to plan your relocation.