September 20, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Do you want to take your big day to the next level? Why not embrace technology? With drones, you can do everything from enhancing your guests’ safety to creating stunning memories of your union. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Take Stunning Photographs

Your photographer can only be one place at a time. Imagine if you could afford to hire two or more to capture those spectacular shots from different angles, giving you even more options to choose from for your living room canvas. You can — and you can save money by using a drone.

Drones aren’t the best for close-up shots, so you’ll probably want your photographer on hand when you cut the cake. You’ll also need them for the classic picture of your newly ringed hands on the knife.

However, they can add aerial perspectives and live-action shots if you have an outdoor ceremony. It reduces awkward posing in the church for hours after the big show when you only want to get to your reception.

2. Improve Security

Few people want to visualize a miscreant making off with their wedding gifts, but it does happen. Placing the gift table somewhere along your visual line is a good start. However, you want to mix and mingle with your guests, not keep an eye on your presents.

Why not use a drone to enhance security? It may seem like a peculiar use for this kind of technology, but a drone can alert security personnel to anyone suspicious.

3. Gain a New Perspective


Are you having a destination wedding? If so, you want to preserve more than photographs of yourself and your beau. Use your drone to take stunning video footage of your island getaway or mountain chalet escape. Ensure you follow all applicable laws — for example, using drones during wildfire season in the desert southwest is a no-no.

4. Remember Safety Rules

Finally, please follow all safety guidelines for drone use to protect yourself from liability and your guests from harm. For example, using your drone near crowds of people can result in injury — the noise and unexpected movement can startle folks, making them fall. You want to keep your device lower than 400 feet and out of restricted areas like national parks.

Could Using Drones at Your Wedding Enhance Your Special Day?

If you want to add excitement to your big day memories while keeping an eye on security, why not try something a little different? Using drones at your wedding can provide a ton of benefits.

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