June 26, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 4 Pointers for a Poolside Reception


If you have a pool, your backyard could provide the perfect hosting venue for a small wedding. Other water-loving brides might rent a public facility for their festivities.


Partying on the water requires additional planning over land-based venues. Here are four pointers for planning a poolside reception.

1. Keep It Safe


Pools pose a significant public health risk, particularly to the youngest family members. Over 900 children aged 0 to 19 die yearly from accidental drownings. A safety plan is a must — particularly if you intend to open your event to kids. It’s wise to hire a lifeguard instead of burdening parents with the responsibility of watching their little ones in the water or hearing them cry that they want to swim while the adults are eating and socializing.


A pool fence is a must if only to avoid liability should an issue occur. Nearly every jurisdiction requires some type of enclosure around backyard facilities — check with your city or county to find out what you need. Such devices protect people’s pets if you invite them to your event. After all, your Fido might know how to swim, but not every dog takes to the water.

2. Go Easy on the Alcohol


Adult beverages go hand in hand with many wedding receptions. However, the combination of bright sun and such drinks invites dehydration. Your body flushes out water more quickly than it processes alcohol, and excess heat can raise your blood alcohol concentration to dangerous levels in a short time.


If you hire a bartender, instruct them to stick with single pours — no doubles. If you’re serving bottled beverages, consider selecting brands with a low alcohol percentage per serving to reduce the chances that your guests will accidentally overindulge. It should go without saying that you should keep plenty of tasty, non-alcoholic alternatives available.

3. Protect Your Skin


Pool parties demand sunscreen to mitigate cancer risk. Today’s UV radiation is stronger than ever, thanks to ozone depletion and climate change.


However, the wrong sunscreen can make you look like a tasty snack to insect pests. Stick to a non-scented, mineral sunscreen that doesn’t contain sketchy chemicals. You should reapply it every two hours.

4. Keep Bugs at Bay


Poolside receptions can attract bugs and not every guest will want to hop in the water to avoid the swarming hordes. Furthermore, citronella candles might not do an effective job.


Instead, consider investing in a Thermacell device, which slowly evaporates a vial of liquid-repellent over a significant area. Keeping a few fans spinning at knee level also works — mosquitoes aren’t strong fliers and can’t withstand the wind to get to your skin.

Pointers for a Poolside Reception


Poolside receptions offer fun in the sun. They also present different hazards.


Follow the four above pointers for a poolside reception. You can have the best of fun in the sun and safety on your big day.