May 13, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 5 Inventive Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Photos

Professional photographers know how to capture a special moment on film. But you can always add a little extra something to truly elevate your wedding photos. Here are a few ways to make your pictures more interesting without too much additional time or energy.

1. Hire a Second Photographer

Ask your photographer if they’ve trained people as backups. Paying for a second pair of eyes behind another camera will give you twice as many photos and more angles. Your photography team won’t miss a moment before your big day ends.

2. Add a Textured Background

Why pose in front of a tree or bush full of flowers when you could create a backdrop? Cover a photobooth wall with fabric and play around with its appearance. You could pick a fun pattern, drape ribbons over it, or introduce a new texture with velvet or silk.

3. Rent a Classic Car

Couples that pose inside or next to a classic car add a sense of visual intrigue that traditional wedding photos lack. Look into renting a 1955 Corvette or 1963 Corvette Grand Sport to add a classic vibe to the pictures you’ll treasure forever. It’s an excellent idea for couples who love cars or want a vintage feel for their wedding day.


4. Wear Bold Shoes

Formal shoes are supposed to blend into the background, but they could be an inventive way to elevate your wedding photos. Grooms could wear tempered slacks to show off their flashy footwear, while brides could pose in positions that show off their heels. Ask your partner to swing you up into their arms or dip you while you kiss to add more personality to your pictures.

5. Pick Essential Props

Couples might also be interested in posing with a few props between wedding portraits and family photos. You could link arms and sip from monogrammed champagne flutes or toss confetti for a special shot. Talk with your photographer to plan a few posed pictures in advance of your ceremony.

Elevate Your Wedding Photos

There are many inventive ways to elevate your wedding photos, so think about what would work best for your big day. You’ll pick creative ideas that personalize your pictures and create a final gallery full of stunning photos.