December 14, 2020 2 min read

You love your spouse-to-be with all your heart. So what can you get them this holiday season to express how much they mean to you?

The following seven sentimental gifts will show how much you care.

1. A Custom Painting

Do you have a spot that’s uniquely yours? Maybe you have a favorite vacation destination, or you want to memorialize the place where you shared your first kiss.

Why not commission a custom painting of your favorite locale as a sentimental gift? Make sure you work out all the details in your initial contact so that you aren’t surprised by the final price.

2. A Handwriting Tie Bar

Tie bars make a statement alone, but why not make yours say something special? Retailers that specialize in personalization often offer engraved versions. You can go with the date you met or your upcoming wedding day.

3. An Addition to His Collection

Does your sweetie collect anything from shot glasses to postage stamps? Why not get him an addition for his set?

If he doesn’t collect anything yet, maybe you can inspire his passion. If you buy something like a  model car, you could start construction and leave it partially unfinished to complete it together.

4. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

gift with red ribbon

What if you and your spouse-to-be share a long-distance kind of love? Let your partner know how frequently they cross your mind with a pair of touch bracelets that alert you when pressed. Your Monday morning budget meeting won’t seem anywhere near as dull when your wrist lights up with a reminder of your love.

5. A Customized Star Map

Those who believe in astrology often claim that their love was written in the stars — are you a believer? If you think you and your future spouse were destined to be, why not get a customized star map of the way the galaxy aligned on the day your two worlds collided?

You’ll always have a charming anniversary idea when you look up to the heavens and marvel at how the universe arranged for the two of you to meet.

6. A “What I Love About You” Book

How do I love thee? The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked to count the ways, but you can list yours with a “What I Love About You” book.

The authors provide the template, but you fill out the pages. Your loved one can keep this sentimental memento in their briefcase or backpack and read it whenever they need a mood boost.

7. A Reel Viewer With Snapshots of Your Photo Memories

Do you remember playing with reel viewers as a child? You gazed through the binocular-like lens to view photos of monkeys and other exotic creatures.

Why not get your sweetie a custom model featuring photographs of your memories? It takes up less space than an album and offers whimsical fun for visitors and your future spouse alike.

Give These 7 Sentimental Gifts to Show You Care

If you want to wow your future spouse, give these seven sentimental gifts to show how much you care. Your sweetheart will adore the gesture, and you’ll feel like the savviest bride on the planet.