October 25, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins 

Finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy. You might fall in love with a place, but it has to fit within your budget as well. These budgetary considerations can limit brides to simple locations or borrowed backyards that don’t have much visual appeal.

If you’re struggling with the look of your ceremony or reception location, read about these easy ways to improve your venue to transform any destination into a romantic getaway.

1. Adjust the Thermostat

Many weddings occur indoors because brides don’t want to hope for good weather. Although that may take some stress out of your wedding planning experience, it doesn’t guarantee everyone’s comfort. Adjusting the thermostat on the morning of your wedding is a small but effective way to improve your venue.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an ideal indoor temperature of 64-75 F, so find a temperature with that range that makes your indoor venue comfortable. People will have a great time if they aren’t freezing during your ceremony or avoid the reception dance floor because the room is too stuffy.

2. Discuss Quick Projects

Even professional venues sometimes need a little work. Talk with your coordinator about quick projects that make the most visual impact. They could schedule a pressure wash to enhance the venue’s curb appeal so it’s more beautiful for photos. Last-minute gardening or vacuuming can also improve a place’s look right before your ceremony.

3. Rethink Your Seating

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Your venue might come with seating, but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. You can always look into other options with more padding or armrests. It’s also wise to rent seats that support your lower back to improve your posture for pictures and keep guests comfortable.

4. Invest in Floral Arrangements

Drab rooms or outdated interior design features might not dazzle your wedding guests. Distract everyone and create stunning focal points by investing in professional floral arrangements. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your venue because an expert team will take care of anything. Find a floral shop near your site, see which flowers are in season, and discuss options like flower arches and custom-made centerpieces.

5. Add More Lighting

Lighting is easy to install and improves the appearance of any room. You could hang string lights at your reception to add a romantic ambiance or install soft backdrop lighting to make your dance hall glow. Even small table lamps at your reception could help your guests have a great time and make your big day more fun for everyone.

Learn Ways to Improve Your Venue

Now that you’ve read a few ways to improve your venue, think about which options match your wedding dreams. Adding small projects to your to-do list like pressure washing the exterior of your venue or renting supplies will make any location the perfect place to get married.

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