June 08, 2022 2 min read

Many people wonder what will happen to their financial records after marriage. It’s a significant step in life, so you should learn how getting married affects your credit score.

These tips will help you navigate your shared future and prepare for whatever life holds.

1. You’ll Keep Your Current Score

Your credit score stays the same when you get married and change your last name. Your personal credit history also remains separate from your partner's.

You won’t have to worry about your bad score affecting theirs or vice versa, but be careful about checking where you stand. A hard check will reduce your credit, so look for soft checks that don’t cost a dime.

2. You’ll Share Future Joint Credit

Anything you purchase with your partner will affect your newly shared credit history. That house you’re looking forward to purchasing will apply to both of your records.

Keep in mind that a higher credit score will qualify you for better loans even if your scores are separate, so try to raise yours after your wedding by paying bills on time and avoiding hard credit checks.

3. You’ll Limit Yourself With Bad Credit

Does your partner have worse credit than you? It will prevent lenders from offering you higher loans or better interest rates.

While browsing potential new cars and getting local insurance quotes, it is essential to remember that you may have to get a more budget-friendly vehicle than you imagined due to your personal credit history.

4. You’ll Retain Your Previous Name’s History 

Changing last names doesn’t affect your credit report. You’ll keep your history, but you must make your lenders, credit card providers and banks aware. They will need your updated Social Security card and driver’s license before any changes happen.

5. You’ll Help Each Other Build Credit

Major joint purchases like buying cars or houses could help you build credit simultaneously. It depends on which money moves you make.

Taking on too much debt compared to your available credit or transferring your balances to a single card will cause your numbers to plummet. However, paying off your debt together and making purchases that do not unbalance your credit will improve your financial history.

Check Your Credit Score

Verifying your current credit score is wise to do before your wedding. You’ll know where you stand and make better financial decisions as a couple!