October 04, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Anyone with a crafting hobby knows they need plenty of space. It’s challenging to embroider or paint when you have to move your supplies between rooms and keep track of everything, especially when your home is full of wedding decor.

This guide explains how to create your own craft room so you can get ready for your wedding and indulge in your favorite activities.

1. Decide on Your Hobbies

You’ll use your craft room to make DIY supplies for your big day, but you’ll also use it after your wedding ends. Decide which hobbies you’ll do within your new space. Someone who likes to knit will need different materials or furniture than a woodworker.

2. Find a Design Style

Everyone should find their preferred design style before establishing a craft room. If you love minimalist spaces, closed storage and strict color schemes will suit your style more than industrial furniture with metal accents. Think about how you want your craft room to look and which type of interior design speaks to you before moving on to the next step.

3. Convert an Existing Room

ball of pink yarn

Don’t worry about paying for a costly construction project. You can always convert an existing space into a craft room, like your garage. It may require adding insulation or checking the electrical outlets to ensure you can use your equipment and remain comfortable year-round. You could start sewing your bridesmaids’ dresses or drafting your invitations right away by giving a room a new purpose.

4. Create Storage Space

What supplies will your hobby or wedding crafting require? Make a list to determine what kind of storage you’ll need. If you plan to make protective face masks for guests or create flower arrangements, the fabric can stay in plastic drawers, while faux flowers will require vertical storage. Smaller things like colored pencils or paintbrushes can always go on whatever shelving is already hanging in the room.

5. Add Personal Decor

Decor will be the final personal touch for your new crafting space. Make the room more personal by hanging artwork and pictures in tasteful arrangements or painting the walls your favorite color. You’ll love spending time in the room because it has all your favorite things and memories proudly displayed.

Create Your Own Craft Room

It’s easy to learn how to create a craft room and get started with simple tips like these. Consider which projects you need to finish for your wedding and any hobbies you’ll continue after your ceremony to establish a lasting space for your love of crafting.

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