May 12, 2021 2 min read

Weddings are a collective celebration, but they’re also extremely personal. You’re opening your heart in front of your loved ones and pledging yourself to your partner.

Many brides want to experience their big day in the place where they feel most comfortable. This guide explains how to host a driveway reception so every moment of your wedding feels intimate and relaxed.

1. Check for Permit Requirements

You might have the perfect driveway for a reception or ask to use a friend’s. Whoever owns the driveway might agree to the event, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. A few cities and states require permits for private property events.

Check with your local government to determine if you need permits for noise, parking or fire restrictions. If your party gets loud or cars line the street, you’ll need the permits nearby in case the neighbors call the police to complain.

2. Prepare for Weather

Anyone can check a weather report, but it’s impossible to confidently predict the future. There are a few ways brides can prepare for any weather event, depending on the season. You might prepare water bottles and offer helpful cooling items like fans or hats.

Plan to rent a pop-up tent as a backup plan for rain. You’ll still be able to eat outside without everyone uncomfortably squeezing into someone’s home.

3. Make Necessary Repairs

Even if you ask a friend to step in as your photographer, they’ll snap pictures from every angle and location. Make any necessary repairs so your driveway is picture-perfect.

You could repair a dented garage door by using suction cups to remove dents or aluminum foil to heat the metal back into place. Fixing the smallest details will pay off when you have flawless photos to reflect on decades later.

4. Schedule Your Yard Work

Your yard will make or break your wedding pictures too. Schedule your yard work a week in advance so everything’s blooming and beautiful.

Pay attention to details like overgrown weeds or wilted flowers. If you don’t have time for things to grow, plant fresh rose bushes that are already blooming at a lawncare store or lay fresh sod. With enough time in advance, you can transform your yard for your reception photos.

5. Get Serving Supplies

Caterers can set up your meal and serve everyone while you dine outdoors. If you want to cook instead, you should look into buffet supplies so everyone has easy access to the food. A chafing dish set and a few serving bowls will be more than enough for a smaller ceremony with your loved ones.

Learn How to Host a Driveway Reception

Figuring out how to host a driveway reception isn’t too tricky when you have simple tips like these. Check for permits, fix any general maintenance issues and get everything you need for serving food to have a great time after your ceremony.