August 11, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: How to Support a Cause With Your Wedding

What better way to generate good karma for your new union than by dedicating your big day to something bigger than yourself and your beloved? Many couples choose to honor their love by giving back to others.

From donating your flowers to nursing homes to taking a volunteer honeymoon, there are many ways you can help. Here’s how to support a cause with your wedding.

1. Choose Your Vendors With Care

Was your gown stitched with loving care, or did it come from an overseas sweatshop? Choosing sustainable vendors who honor human rights is one way to support a cause with your wedding. Try to avoid those who use questionable practices — some couples even opt for an alternative to diamonds because of suspected human rights abuses.

Better yet, look for vendors that support the same causes you do. For example, choose companies that create jobs for people with disabilities. You can feel confident knowing that your purchase goes toward a worthy cause.


2. Select Sustainable Gifts

The bride and groom give gifts — they don’t only receive them. Select yours with the same care you use with your vendors. For example, a custom watch is a classic gift, but ensure the jeweler sources their gems with an eye toward human rights.

What should you avoid? Look out for inexpensive trinkets made with tons of plastic. They’re an environmental disaster and often come shipped overseas, creating countless emissions during transport.

3. Request in Lieu of Donations

Of course, part of the fun of your big day is filling out your bridal registry. However, if you’re like many modern couples, you already have enough plates, knives and crockpots. Today’s generations tend to wait longer to wed, meaning they already have many of the household essentials that once graced this list.

Why not request that your guests donate to the charity of your choice instead of a gift? Be specific — let your guests know it goes for a cause, not your wallet. Have friends and family spread the word and set out a collection basket at your reception. Your gesture even spares guests embarrassment, allowing those struggling financially to give what they can without feeling guilty.

4. Take a Meaningful Honeymoon

Do you want to visit an exotic location and make a difference on your honeymoon? Why not choose to go on an eco-tour? You could explore the rainforest in the morning and assist with a beach cleanup in the afternoon, doing better than leaving no trace — you’ll depart your destination with it better than when you came.

Support a Cause With Your Wedding

It’s fine to have your big day all about you. However, maybe you and your partner want to give back in gratitude. Follow the above tips to support a cause for your wedding and use your love to improve the lives of others!