July 07, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: Managing Extreme Weather on Your Big Day

Severe storms can wreak havoc on your wedding day, even if you aren’t planning an outdoor wedding. They complicate everything from your navigation plans to your hairstyle. What can you do to avoid a rain delay?


Here are four tips for managing extreme weather on your big day.

1. Plan Your Escape


Ensure you and your guests have a backup plan if a severe storm rains on your outdoor ceremony. Many brides opt for renting a tent on the grounds, giving themselves and guests a place to shelter.


However, such canopies won’t provide adequate protection in a hurricane or severe tropical storm. It’s best to have a building where you can retreat to interior rooms with no windows to avoid potential injury from flying objects and glass.

2. Keep Essentials on Hand


Extreme weather can lead to injuries even when you plan an escape route to safety. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit at your ceremony and reception venues. Check with your host, as many facilities have these on-site.


However, savvy hosts go the extra mile to ensure safety and comfort. It helps to have some spare towels and umbrellas for wet guests and plenty of outdoor heaters for those who get damp to stay toasty after the storm breaks.

3. Weather-Proof Your ‘Do


Maybe you planned to transform your normally straight locks into oodles of ringlets for your big day. You might want to change your plans. Humidity can make such styles fall flat in no time, even if you don’t get wet.


Instead, why not opt for an elegant topknot that shows off your cheekbones and keeps fine strands from turning into a case of helmet-head? You might also decide to go sleek and straight, whipping out your flat iron to add shine.

4. Make Travel Allowances


Your out-of-town guests will have to navigate unfamiliar roadways. A freak storm can cause delays even among those who know the area like the back of their hand. Rain slows down traffic, and accidents snarl things further. 


It’s always wise to pad a bit of extra time between events. That way, your dear Aunt Edna won’t arrive at your reception too late to watch you cut the cake. This rule goes double during inclement weather. You can let guests check in via your wedding app, providing you with instant updates on their whereabouts.

Manage Weather-Day Weather


Robert Burns once wrote that the best-laid schemes of mice and brides often go awry. OK, those weren’t his exact words — but freak storms can wreak havoc on your wedding.


Follow the above tips for managing extreme weather on your big day. You and your guests can still enjoy a safe and dry celebration.