May 20, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: Preparing a Classic Vehicle for Your Getaway Car

You have many, many ways to personalize your wedding. Who says you have to go with a standard limo as transportation? If you and your spouse-to-be love all things automotive, why not include your passion in your ceremony?

 Here’s your guide to preparing a classic vehicle for your getaway car.

1. Repair Any Exterior Damage

You want to include your sweet ride in your photographs — is she picture-perfect? It’s time for a thorough wash and wax, paying attention to every detail. Polish the headlights and make your tires sparkle. You can buy a commercial product or whip up a DIY tire shine using lemon or castor oil.

Is that a dent? Consider a paintless repair if you don’t have time for putty and paint. This technique uses specialty tools to push the dent out of the metal. Many commercial services will travel to your home, sparing you the expense of a rental car if you use your classic vehicle as day-to-day transportation.

2. Detail the Interior

You don’t want to sully your white gown on spilled jelly donut crumbs. Give your interior a thorough detailing. You can hire a professional or DIY.

If you choose the latter route, pay attention to detail, like brushing out the air vents and lubricating the hood joints. You can buy commercial odor-neutralizing sprays to rid fabrics of tobacco and other foul smells. Polish any leather and vinyl surfaces to make them shine like new.

3. Get an Engine Tune-Up

When was the last time you took your classic car to the shop? It’s time for an oil change and tune-up. Taking care of this now minimizes your chances of trouble once you and your new spouse hit the road.

Depending on the age of your classic vehicle, you may wish to invest in a battery tender. These devices provide a charge if your levels drop too low. It’s far better to invest a bit of extra money now than wait for a tow truck if it dies en route.

4. Decorate Wisely

You want your classic vehicle to play a starring role as your wedding getaway car. You don’t want to be reminded of your big day with chipped paint or other damage from your decoration.

Keep writing on the windows and stay away from shaving cream — it can damage your paint. Tying a few cans to your bumper won’t hurt anything and creates a festive racket.


Preparing a Classic Vehicle for Your Getaway Car

If you and your spouse-to-be love all things automotive, it’s natural to include a classic vehicle as your getaway car. Whether you use one you own or rent one, you have a stunning backdrop for photographs.

However, you need to ready your ride. Follow the tips above for preparing a classic vehicle for your getaway car.