October 18, 2017 2 min read

This is it, you're getting closer and closer to your big day. All the details are almost in place, but there's only one thing, your cake table. You got nothing. But that's okay, because we have some cake table ideas ready for you to use!

As far as planning goes, cake table ideas usually end up as an afterthought. Well, the cake is decoration enough..right? It can be, but adding a small addition can really set the mood for your big day. To help you with the ease of planning we have some great cake table ideas that we won't even take credit for!

cake table ideas

Table Runners

Table runners usually lay flat along a tabletop to add a splash of color. Luckily, that's not the only way you can use it. You can take the table runner and bunch it up among the cake stands on your cake table. Doing this creates texture and another layer to an otherwise plain cake table. Plus if you have a relatively simple cake, it can add the pop of color you want.


Tabletop mirrors can add a lot of dimension to any cake table ideas you already have. If you have smaller dessert options, such as macarons or cupcakes, they will look beautiful on top of a mirror. The reflective surface adds to your table without adding color where you might not want any. Especially if you opt for a colorful cake or other desserts.


It's no secret that using plants on your wedding cake itself adds a beautiful touch. But what about adding plants to your cake table? Placing flowers around your cake table add a beautiful nature inspired look that will fit in with any wedding! Simply use flowers or colors similar to those in the bouquet and it's a perfect match. If you don't want to use real plants near your food, you can always use silk flowers and no one will be able to tell!


Even though this isn't a birthday party, adding candles around your cake table can add all the difference! Doing this can even tie your centerpieces in with your cake table! Candles will bathe your cake table in a glow that makes for beautiful photography, and simple glamour. You can also use LED options if you want to keep flames away from your cake. Of course, there are an endless amount of cake table ideas that we can't cover here. Otherwise we'd be here forever. But that's the beauty in it, since the options are endless, you can create your own kind of amazing. No matter how much you spruce it up, or simplify it, these cake table ideas will come to life beautifully. Just in time for your wedding day.
cake table ideas