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From weddings, events and parties to your own home, centerpieces for tables tie the decor of the whole room together. But how do you figure out what you want your centerpieces for tables to look like?

There are millions of combinations anyone can use to create the perfect kinds of centerpieces for tables. The biggest decision is choosing how many elements you want to make up your centerpiece. Plus, what pieces you want to incorporate into your centerpieces for tables. Centerpieces can range from simple to modern, which are all good options. But how do you begin to choose? centerpieces for tables Centerpieces for tables, whether they are for an event like your wedding or for your home, are a reflection of your style. So you start by putting little bits and pieces together until you have the full look and effect you want to achieve with this centerpiece. However, the effect you want can vary depending on where you'll be placing your centerpiece. Of course, if you don't want to create the centerpiece on your own, you can use the help of planners, family or friends. But it is easy to create centerpieces for tables on your own once you know where to start. The basic equation for a great centerpiece is: base (glassware or lanterns) + fillers (candles, plants & etc.) + your own personal touch = your perfect centerpiece. Creating centerpieces for tables requires a bit of experimentation. You need to sit down with everything you like individually and see how they go together to create one centerpiece.

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Simple centerpieces for tables

For a traditional centerpiece, you can always just use a vase filled with flowers. This can either allow your centerpieces for tables to tie into the seasons, or reflect your personal taste. This can change with the type of flowers and color you use. Flowers are an easy standby for centerpieces because flowers never go out of style. Plus flowers and other plants always bring life to a room. Want to put a twist on tradition? Filling glass cylinder vases with candles will do the trick. You can choose basic white candles or get a bright color to show off your fun side! Either way this creates an easy centerpiece with a glow. Using pillar candles, or floating candles in vases will create two very different, yet glowing looks. Candles also have the benefit of being able to fit in with any theme or look you may be going for. Of course, you can change how simple or extravagant you want this centerpiece to look based on how intricate your vases, flowers or candles may be. It all depends on what you want your tablescape to look like.

A modern touch

If you want to add another layer to your centerpiece, you can always add a mirror or tray underneath. Using a mirror or tray is a great way to add dimension to any surface without adding bulk. If you don't like the idea of a mirror, you can also add things like organza table runners, or garlands. These table runners are great to fill and tie your centerpiece together as an accent color for any look, or event. centerpieces for tables

However, vases with flowers or candles may be too much. In that case, there are smaller sets of votive and tealight holders that work great as centerpieces for tables. These smaller sets are perfect for a smaller table, or for someone who likes minimal decor on their tabletops. The plus about votive and tealight holders are the variety of colors and styles they come in. So there's a holder for everyone, no matter their taste. Metal lanterns can be used as the centerpiece on a table to create a statement on its own, or with an LED candle inside to create a glow. If you want to build your centerpiece around a larger piece, then a lantern is great for that. It can act as a statement without being too intricate. The great thing about a lantern is that is is also capable of standing alone without adding anything to it and still has that wow factor. Of course, you can use a variety of candle types, flowers, holders and vases of all sizes and colors to create the perfect centerpiece for your own type of amazing. Centerpieces can be a mix of any of the elements we mentioned above, or something else entirely. Something that reflects who you are as a person. And you can add anything you want to give it your style. That can be anything from crystals, to confetti or whatever you feel reflects you best.

After all, no matter how simple or extravagant you want your centerpieces for tables to be, if there's a will, there's a way.

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