February 07, 2019 2 min read

Decorating for weddings is pretty stressful. Decorating with metallic accents for your wedding? That just adds another level of stress.

What metallic do you use? How can you be sure it coordinates with the rest of your decor? How do I use metallic pieces without going over the top?

To keep you from overthinking it, we've got some tips and tricks on decorating with metallic accents for your wedding!

Coordinate with your colors
decorating with metallic accents Have a bright blue, or deep green? You can look at the undertones of these colors and pair silver, gold or rose gold as your accent color for your decor!
If you choose neutral colors like white or grey as your wedding color, you can use pretty much any metallic you prefer since it will be an effortless match. Most people choose one metallic accent, but mixing metals has been very trendy recently.
Spice up your table linens
decorating with metallic accents Using metallic napkin rings or charger plates can really add something special without going over the top. Since the charger will have a standard plate on top, the metallic accent will peak out.
Charger plates come in a variety of finishes, shapes and textures so you can add the perfect addition to your decor.
If you use a neutral tablecloth, you can add metallic table runners or chair sashes to tie in your seating to the rest of the accents
Sprinkle metallics into your tablescape

decorating with metallic accents Votive candle holders in metallic and mercury finishes can add a touch of metallic flair to your tablescape. Banquet tables, cocktail tables or side tables can be taken to a whole new level of elegant with the addition of metallic candle holders.

Pillar candle stands and taper candle holders add height and metallic to tablescapes as well. With metallic candle holders you can have any candle color in the holder and it will still look gorgeous!

Make a metallic one of your colors
decorating with metallic accents Not everyone wants to make gold or silver a wedding color, but if you're going for a super glamorous vibe it's perfect. White and a metallic shade create an elegant and clean look that's easy to achieve on any budget.
Having gold or silver as a wedding color is also perfect if you don't know what season you want to get married in yet. Metallics are a year round shade, which makes them timeless and classic.
Add metallic accessories

You don't have to add metallic flair to just the decor, you can add it to your bridal party as well. Metallic shoes, jewelry or even bridesmaid's dresses can add flair to your overall wedding look.

This doesn't just extend to your bridal party, you can have your wedding favors come in gold, copper, silver or rose gold to fit with the rest of your decor. Decorating with metallic accents doesn't have to be stressful. It should effortlessly coordinate with the rest of your wedding decor.

Adding accents can appear in a variety of ways, and elevate the overall feel of your wedding. The perfect metallic accent doesn't exist until you find what fits best for your wedding, so make it sparkle. decorating with metallic accents