July 22, 2020 3 min read

As you begin to plan your wedding, you'll quickly realize how much you need for your ceremony and reception. Brides have to think of everything, big and small. You'll need to find tiny tabletop decor and bigger things like ceremony chairs, all while staying within your budget.

Although it may seem easy to place an order online and buy everything ahead of time, you don't have to own everything at your wedding. Many brides find it more budget-friendly to work with rental companies. The key to figuring out what to rent and what to buy depends on a few factors specific to your big day.

Read some of the best expert wedding advice to figure out what wedding rentals you can use to pull your big day together. Think about what you want for your ceremony and reception to decide which rental options are best for your budget and needs:

1. Find Lovely Glassware

Sit down with your fiance and fill out your guest list if you haven't done so already. How many people do you expect to be at your wedding? Those people will need glassware for water, wine, beer and mixed drinks. You also have to provide glasses for anyone who prefers sodas, tea or juice.

All of this adds up to more cups than you have guests, which you won't need afterward when you and your spouse head home. Find a rental company near your venue that offers glassware options you adore. They'll take them back at the end of the night so you won't need to worry about washing or transporting them.

2. Meet With a DJ

DJ services may seem expensive, but it's smart to hire one for the night. Brides who make an extensive playlist and hook their phone up to a set of speakers forget that someone needs to make announcements, coordinate the speeches or toasts and handle the exit music at the end of the night. DJs are worth the investment because they provide brides with so much peace of mind.

3. Consider a Party Planner
toasting at the wedding

If you'd like a wedding planner to handle everything but can't find one that fits your budget, you can always consider hiring a party planner. Expert planners know how to work with venues, take care of guests and provide a personal touch, so your wedding will be extra special. A team of party planning professionals can make your wedding planning easy and enjoyable.

4. Rent Table Linens

Like with glassware, it's smart to rent the table linens for your reception. Table cloths, napkins and runners all add sophistication to your meal, but won't be necessary for daily life after your wedding ends. Talk with local linen rental companies to see the various styles, colors and fabrics you can choose from.

5. Look for Floral Rentals

Floral rental companies are popular with modern brides because they're affordable and straightforward. Meet with local businesses to discuss your bouquets, table settings and decorations. They may use fresh flowers and deliver them to your venue or create artificial silk arrangements ahead of time. Either way, you can design unique displays that make your wedding stand out.

Figure Out Your Preferences

After considering your budget and your wedding dreams, you can narrow down your list of rental vendors by figuring out your preferences. Whether you let a party planner coordinate your big day or rent linens that look like they're straight out of a fairytale, renting can make your wedding day dreams come true.