March 26, 2024 3 min read

Couples always want their wedding to feel different from every other ceremony. Extravagant entertainment options are an excellent way to include this key planning factor. Check out these wedding entertainment ideas to discover fantastic ways to keep your guests happy and have an incredible time during your big day.

1. Celebrity Impersonators

Research shows 45% of engaged couples hire niche vendors for their wedding. Work with a local singer who impersonates a beloved celebrity to create an extravagant entertainment show. Your guests could sing along to their favorite tunes while the singer performs at your reception. It’s a much more lively option than pressing play on a playlist or asking a DJ to guide your music from a corner of the room.

2. Glow-In-The-Dark Dance Party

Visuals are a significant part of dazzling your guests. After the sun sets on your ceremony and everyone’s had something to eat, turn the lights off for a big dance party. Your loved ones will adore wearing glow-in-the-dark necklaces or waving glow sticks during their favorite songs. You could even hang blacklights around the dance floor for a temporary effect your guests will never forget.

3. Family-Friendly Fireworks

Fireworks could announce your new marriage to the world with a stunning show of explosions and colors. They’re one of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas because people can’t help but marvel at fireworks shows.


The key is to talk with your venue coordinator before your big day — they may have specific rules about where they allow fireworks on the property and when you can light them. You can also pitch an idea to feature family-friendly fireworks that use coarse sand to buffer firework shock waves while you set them off in the parking lot. There’s always a safe way to put on a beautiful show with the fireworks that feel right for your wedding celebrations.

4. Aerial Performers

Aerial performers are people who dance, twirl, and leap from things like satin ropes held above a crowd or platforms in the sky. Their physical strength and grace create a beautiful show at events like wedding receptions and other big parties. See if there are any aerial performing troupes near your wedding venue.

5. Live Artwork

Posing while an artist captures your image on canvas is a trending wedding idea because it’s more personal than snapping a selfie. Your guests can take home their newly painted or sketched portraits as thank-you gifts. Plus, you’ll support a local artist and give your guests a unique experience they’ll never forget.


Compare the types of artists available around your venue. You could hire a painter, a sketch artist, an oil painter or any other person who makes artwork of people. They might accept a large payment just before your wedding to cover one profile for each guest or arrange for individual payments by any curious loved ones who want their likeness recreated on canvas.

6. Tarot Card Readings

Local tarot card readers show up at festivals and big events to entertain attendees with potential insight. Whether your guests believe it or not, it’s fun to see what the cards say about their personal growth, future love life or questions about their future.


See if tarot card readers around your venue are available during your big day. They’ll likely come with a table and chairs for their readings, but you can always work with them to make their space even more magical. String lights, candles, a small privacy tent and an aromatherapy machine will set the mood for this idea couples are quick to schedule.

Have Fun Planning Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Consider planning some of these extravagant entertainment options for your upcoming wedding. Everyone will have an incredible time with such unique experiences. Whether you watch an aerial performer or set off stunning fireworks, your wedding will have a personalized touch that makes it even more special.