February 10, 2021 3 min read

Are you looking to elevate your wedding weekend? You and your guests deserve a fun-filled weekend, full of experiences you can enjoy together.

Here are some fresh ideas for your wedding weekend to keep your loved ones entertained as they celebrate you!

Set Up a Welcome Station

If your guests will be spending the whole weekend with you, set up a welcome station to bring on the party! Some of your guests may be from out-of-town or may not know other guests at the wedding. A welcome station allows guests to mingle with others, and by the time the weekend ends, guests will feel like old friends.

It doesn’t have to be fancy either. Provide some snacks or appetizer-like foods and a few drinks. You can also hand out welcome bags filled with an itinerary of the weekend, necessities — in case anyone forgot a toothbrush — and anything else you want to add to personalize it.

Host a Brunch

Throughout the wedding weekend, you’ll want to provide guests with meals. A meal that anyone enjoys is brunch! You can give a quick, healthy brunch before an afternoon ceremony, or you can save the brunch for the day after your wedding as a laid-back hangover cure.

The idea for a weekend-wedding brunch is to keep it simple and healthy. If your guest list is on the shorter end, you could D.I.Y. a brunch menu that includes healthy breakfast items like avocado toast and fruit, and then you can pair it with a salad, wrap or sandwich. For more extensive guest lists, have it catered!

Provide a Group Tour

couple on street

Group tours are perfect for destination weddings or wedding weekends in a city or area with many things to see and do. Providing a tour for guests gives them an idea of where things are located. You can do this by taking a boat, trolley or bicycles so your guest can see the town.

It’s a simple activity that brings the guests together and gives them ideas of what they can do in their down-time. You could layer activities with the tour, like visiting a museum or your favorite coffee shop.

Allow Leisure Time

It’s great to have activities planned for your guests, but they need leisure time just as much as you do! Plan in a few hours throughout the itinerary for guests to do as they please. This will give them time to change outfits, rest or view the destination on their own time.

If you have multiple activities, keep them close together. It might be a good idea to provide transportation as well so they can rest on a trolley or bus between events.

Add Local Alcohol Tastings

Something that all of the adults are bound to love is a bar hop or wine tour to test out the local alcohols. It’s an event that could take a few hours, and it would allow guests to mingle even more!

Create a tour that hits every great local brewery, winery or distillery. Make sure you provide transportation for your guests so everyone can safely enjoy the outing.

Hire an Unforgettable Entertainer

Wow your guests at the reception with an unforgettable entertainer. Many of your guests have invested a lot to come to your wedding weekend, so give them a surprise!

Some examples include a caricature artist, an animal for a photo op, a magician or any other entertainer that might fit your wedding theme. The entertainer will involve your guests and keep them entertained all night.

Keep Your Guests Entertained All Weekend Long

With these fresh ideas, your guests will have the time of their lives during your wedding weekend! They’ll leave with wonderful memories of a meaningful weekend spent celebrating you and your spouse.