November 17, 2023 3 min read

How to Plan a Charming Bed and Breakfast Wedding


Of all the ways you could host your big day, a bed and breakfast might be the best location. There are numerous benefits couples enjoy when creating this intimate type of wedding. Check out what you could experience and how to plan a charming bed and breakfast wedding if it would be a great fit for your love story.

Benefits of Bed and Breakfast Weddings

Every wedding venue offers perks, but bed and breakfast locations have specific benefits for engaged couples. Here are a few you might find from the options around your wedding destination.

1. You’ll Save Money


The average American wedding costs an average of $29,195, which is 33.5% higher than a wedding in 2021. Paying the equivalent of a car isn’t something every couple can afford. Bed and breakfasts save a significant chunk of that money.


You won’t need to pay for an extra hotel room if you stay at your ceremony and reception site. Depending on your guest list, everyone could stay on-site too. You won’t need to pay for other fees that come along with separate hotels like a bus to transport guests.

2. You’ll Get a Unique Venue


Bed and breakfasts have unique personalities. They don’t need neutral paint colors and standard baseboards because the owners don’t have to replicate their designs thousands of times in global locations.


Unique venues also provide more entertainment options. Hotels stay close to things like restaurants and airports for standard tourists. Your guests will want to spend their time doing other things. Your bed and breakfast might be close to state parks where your guests can go hiking, fishing or boating during their trip for your big day. Varied entertainment opportunities create a better experience for anyone spending a weekend at or around your venue.

3. You Can Honeymoon Right There


Paying for a honeymoon away from your wedding site means budgeting for transportation and another hotel stay. If you plan a charming bed and breakfast wedding, you can explore the local area to save tons of money. It depends on which venue you pick and what’s around town.

How to Plan a Bed and Breakfast Wedding

If a bed and breakfast wedding is what you want, use these tips to start planning it today. It’s easier than people might expect, which reduces the stress you may feel while making so many big decisions.

1. Compare Included Amenities


Bed and breakfast venues offer different amenities. Bigger businesses may include in-house spa treatments in their wedding or honeymoon packages. Smaller venues may have discounts on nearby attractions like historic tours and custom menus for their guests. Ask about special amenities to see the incredible things your B&B may offer.

2. Get Multiple Quotes


Compare at least two or three quotes from different bed and breakfasts around your wedding destination. You should find what’s best for your budget and your planning needs. If one venue includes a wedding planner, that could save you between $800–$2,600 and reduce your stress. Consider what your dream venue would include to know which quote is best.

3. Discuss Catering Options


The kitchen in your preferred bed and breakfast may be able to handle your reception catering. Discuss the possibility with the venue owner or coordinator. It may be an option included in your quote or come at a discounted rate because you’re hosting your wedding there. Compare their rate with quotes from restaurants around town to see which team can provide the food you want at the best price for your budget.

4. Tour the Location


The most helpful bed and breakfast owners will schedule a quick tour with you. You’ll get to see where you’ll host your ceremony and reception to streamline your planning. The venue might also have more than one spot on the property for both parts of your wedding. Your choice will depend on details like how many electrical outlets you need or what backdrops you prefer for candid pictures.

5. Create a Backup Plan


Weather is one of the few things completely out of your control on your wedding day. Discuss backup weather plans with your bed and breakfast coordinator in case it rains before your outdoor ceremony. If they own a small business and don’t have a secondary option, you’ll have a smoother wedding day by picking a backup venue so your ceremony or reception can continue without issue.

Plan the Perfect Ceremony and Reception

You could have the most charming bed and breakfast wedding by using these tips to start your planning experience. Compare venues, get quotes and see how much money you’ll save to pick the best location for your big day.