August 25, 2021 3 min read

By Cora Gold

After you’ve enjoyed your first pumpkin spice latte of the year, it’s time to think about how to prep your house for fall. Switching from air conditioning to heating isn’t the only thing that has to change. You can also use these tips to ensure the safety and comfort of your home before chilly winter weather sends everyone indoors.

1. Empty Your Gutters

Summer is a season of fun, but it’s also full of afternoon thunderstorms. You’ve likely dealt with quite a few this year, which means your gutters are probably clogged. Stray leaves, branches and other debris can stick in the drainage pipes and cause water overflow that destroys your landscaping. It can also flood rainwater onto your roof, resulting in costly roof damage.

Get a ladder out from storage and empty your gutters while the weather’s nice. The fall rain showers won’t become a threat to your home and nothing will become frozen in the piping after temperatures dip below freezing.

2. Get Your HVAC Unit Inspected

Your HVAC unit regulates your home’s temperature. The last thing anyone needs is to have theirs break and wait for a replacement while the weather’s cold. Set a few minutes aside to inspect your HVAC unit or call a professional to take a look. You’ll catch potential complications or needed repairs before the entire thing breaks down when you need it most.

3. Schedule a Chimney Cleaning

Fireplaces make autumn a romantic season. Many homeowners can’t wait to listen to the crackling logs while sipping a warm drink with their loved ones. If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in over a year, the cozy pastime could quickly become dangerous.

Chimneys fill with soot and other types of buildup like creosote every time someone uses one. The blockage causes a backdraft effect that fills your home with smoke and poses a health risk. A professional chimney cleaning team will ensure that you can use your fireplace throughout the year without worrying about smoke and dangerous gasses drifting back into your house.

4. Close Up Your Pool

When the warm weather starts slipping away, it’s time to close up your pool. Test the water and add whatever it needs before covering the water to protect it. Keep in mind that you should keep the pump running even while the pool remains closed. The moving water keeps the pipes from bursting and causing an expensive repair. Use the opportunity to brush up on winter pipe safety so you can prevent it from occurring with your indoor plumbing too.

5. Hire a Pest Inspector

Bugs will find their way into your home because they don’t like the cold weather either. It’s always wise to hire a pest inspector when the tiny creatures start seeking a new home. The professional team will catch problematic infestations like termites and cockroaches before they cause property damage or invade your kitchen pantry. Spraying the perimeter of your home will seal pests outdoors after passing a thorough inspection.

Prep Your House for Fall

There’s so much to do when autumn kicks into full gear, but don’t forget about prepping your house for fall before your next hayride through a pumpkin patch. Quick steps like cleaning your gutters and hiring professionals to evaluate your home’s safety will make your fall season much more enjoyable.

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