March 17, 2021 3 min read

There are numerous reasons to host wedding parties and showers at home. It could keep you safe from public health threats or fit your budget better. Either way, this guide will show you how to throw a virtual wedding shower that makes you feel extra special before your big day.

You don’t need to rent a public venue or afford an expensive dining room to have a bachelorette party or wedding shower. Use these tips to plan an event that celebrates your upcoming ceremony so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on any traditions.

Go Big With Invitations

Your guests will still need to know the day and time of your wedding shower. Go big with your invitations by making physical copies or sending digital cards. Personalize your cards with your wedding colors, motifs and anything else related to your ceremony. Don’t forget to include an RSVP date so you know exactly who to expect at your shower.

Plan Your Decorations

People may not be coming over, but you should still decorate your home for your wedding shower. It makes the day more festive and exciting, so treat yourself to a little decor. Hang streamers and place balloons in the background of your camera view.

Decorate elsewhere in your home to keep the party going no matter what room you’re in. Treat your shower just like a traditional party and it won’t feel any different.

Schedule a Brunch

champagne on ice

Many wedding showers become brunch because it’s easier to attend. Schedule your video call around 11 a.m. so everyone sits down just before lunch. They could easily take a break from work or arrange their weekend plans around that time.

It’ll feel even more like you’re all together if everyone makes food from the same menu. Send a list of recipes that include delicious brunch entrees like cheesy egg and sausage casserole. Even if your friends don’t usually cook for themselves, they’ll love simple recipes that don’t take much time and taste incredible.

Buy a New Outfit

You may have attended some Zoom parties in sweatpants, but buy a new outfit for your virtual wedding shower. It’s another way to celebrate yourself and make your wedding a big event. You might choose a casual maxi dress or white jumpsuit, depending on your sense of style. Browse outfit ideas online to get inspiration from in-style pieces so you dazzle everyone who calls in for your party.

Research Fun Games

Brides often plan group games for their wedding showers to break the ice. It prevents awkward introductory conversations and sitting around a table the whole time. You can still host games by looking into virtual activities that work with online guests. Guessing games and visual props will guarantee a great time.

Decide on Gifts

Guests usually bring small gifts to a wedding shower, so decide if you’d like that to happen virtually. Include invitation instructions that explain when they should ship their gifts and where to mail them. You’ll get everything on time and open them during the party just like a standard shower.

Discover How to Throw a Virtual Wedding Shower

Use these virtual wedding shower tips to throw a great event that everyone will enjoy. When you open gifts, make the same recipes and consider different games, you’ll have a fun shower before your big walk down the aisle.