November 24, 2023 3 min read

Nostalgic for the ‘80s? These 7 Bachelor Party Ideas Might Sound Tubular


The 1980s was an iconic decade featuring neon colors, extravagant attire and memorable artists that defined a generation. There’s so much you can use to throw a radical celebration for the groom-to-be, especially if he is a fan of all things ‘80s.


If you’re working on planning a memorable bachelor party, welcome to the jungle — of ideas.

1.   Talent Battle

People could dress up as their favorite ‘80s band member and perform part of their songs in a lip sync battle. This works well if the groom’s friends are up for a little mischief.


You could also have an air guitar or dance battle with hits from Guns N’ Roses, Madonna or Michael Jackson. People could team up and perform their numbers for a radical prize likea Rubik’s Cube or yo-yo.


After everyone has sung and danced their hearts out, serve ‘80s snack favorites like sloppy joe sliders with neon cocktails or Sprite and Dr. Pepper.

2.   ‘80s-Themed Band

Live music is always a welcome experience and a great touch to any celebration, whether for ambiance or the main event. Maybe your friend has expressed that he would like dinner or a laid-back get-together with friends, new and old.


Bring back the ‘80s with a backyard concert and all his mixtape favorites. If it’s a surprise party, get the guests to send in their favorite hits and popular songs from the decade by Bon Jovi, Duran Duran or Whitney Houston.

3.   Vintage Arcade Night

If there’s anything ‘80s kids loved, it was arcades. Why not organize a gaming experience for the party and find vintage Pac-Man, Tetris and Super Mario Bros. games? Rent them and have a station where everyone picks up tokens for gameplay.


If you can’t find any games, some ‘80s favorites still exist today as console versions. Set up several and have a spirited competition to see who can come out on top. You could also incorporate the groom’s favorite game into the decorations and snacks, turning a standard room into a throwback arcade straight out of the mall.

4.   Roller Disco

Can you hear the music? Remember the genius that was disco music and roller rinks combined? Rent a roller rink for the night, invite his friends to dress up in pastel-colored tracksuits and headbands, and dance the night away with neon lights and nostalgic vibes. 


You could also make a boy's trip out of it and go to a nostalgic roller rink for a night of gnarly music, good food and skating magic. Hitting the road is a great way to bond and create memories before the big day.

5.   Dress-up Trivia Night

Combine a party entertainment favorite with a nostalgic twist. There are several ways to host a trivia night, like a pop quiz with questions about music, fashion, news and celebrities. You can also play charades where people guess the movie or famous reference.


Introduce some variety by playing “guess the song” with all the classics. For bonus points, throw in tunes people may have forgotten, like “Don’t Go” by Yazoo, “Rapture” by Blondie or “The Day Before You Came” by ABBA.


Get everyone to wear outfits that will have them giving each other compliments like “choice!” Think double denim, parachute pants, spandex, brown leather jackets and oversized suits with shoulder pads. They can also dress up as famous ‘80s celebrities like their favorite Guns N’ Roses band member or Michael Jackson. Don’t forget the pizza and other treats like Aero Orange bars, Tootsie Rolls and Jiffy Pop.

6.   Escape Room

Escape rooms are trendy for their mystery and themed puzzles. They also offer an immersive experience that gets people thinking and collaborating. A smaller group like the groomsmen would benefit from this fun bonding experience and challenge.


Look for ‘80s-themed escape rooms in your area and ask if you can bring your own party favors and food to complete the bachelor party. Get snacks like bagel pizzas, microwave popcorn and sweet treats like Fizz Bombs and Pop Rocks.

7.   Photo Booth

Bring out all the retro ‘80s nostalgia for a photo booth experience like no other. You can have neon and mullet wigs, aviator sunglasses, and other memorabilia for props.


Rent a booth or use Polaroid cameras to capture the images and share them on social media, something unheard of back in the day. It’s the ultimate experience, and your guests will have something to remind them of the party.


Plan a Totally Tubular Bachelor Party

Plan the bachelor party of the year to celebrate your friend before his big day. Themed parties are always a hit, and everyone will enjoy a trip back to the neon-colored, disco-loving, roller-skating era of endless possibilities.