October 04, 2017 3 min read

Outdoor wedding venues can be beautiful, but there are tips and tricks to planning with outdoor wedding venues in mind. You love nature and being outside. So much so that you want to be outside when you tie the knot!

Looking for outdoor wedding venues can be hard. Where do you want it to be? What season are you going to plan it for? What if there's a torrential downpour the day of? There are many extra factors that have to go into planning an outdoor wedding. But here at the Quick Ideas blog we have some planning tips!

outdoor wedding venues

The season

Now, with outdoor wedding venues, Mother Nature will always be a guest. Depending on where you live this can impact what season you choose to be married. You don't want it to be below freezing, but you also don't want to risk roasting your guests in the sun. Late spring and early fall are great times to plan for an outdoor wedding because the weather shouldn't be too extreme in one way or the other. Or it might be, but that all depends on where you have your wedding. Time of day can factor into choosing outdoor wedding venues. Does it typically cool down in the evening? That might be the time you want to go for if you're getting married in a warmer month.

The weather

Another way in which Mother Nature will be attending. Although you may schedule your big day outside, the weather may not always cooperate. Even though your dream includes outdoor wedding venues, you need a Plan B. In case of a rainy day or other bad weather, you can always rent a tent. Or, if you don't like the idea of getting married in a tent, an actual venue. The weather will also partially dictate what season you get have a wedding in. Some places have a rainier spring or summer so that's something to look into when picking the date as well as the location. Keep this in mind as well when choosing your wedding decorations. If you live in a windy area you may want to use LED candles over traditional candles!

The location

outdoor wedding venues

Location when looking at outdoor wedding venues is super important. The location should include a place to have your Plan B. So when looking at venues, look at the indoor options as well. This can help make planning for weather less stressful in the event of less than ideal weather. Also the location where you choose to marry can help sort out some of the other details for you. If you're getting married on a beach, maybe a summer wedding would be the best. If you want to have your ceremony in a vineyard or orchard, fall may be the optimal time for that venue. Outdoor wedding venues are some of the most beautiful, but they do include a higher stress level in planning. Although your planning does kind of have to fit around the season, location and the weather. Outdoor wedding venues can create some beautiful memories that you will cherish. Nature can add a beauty to your big day in a way that can't be explained. Outdoor wedding venues have the potential to be unforgettable. Nature mixed in with your big day can make it the wedding of a lifetime. Regardless of you choosing a beach, mountain, forest or park, the outdoors can give a spark to your wedding that a building can't provide.

Mother Nature is a wonderful guest to include in your nuptials, but you do have to account for her being ever changing. So go ahead and plan those nuptials in the great outdoor location of your dreams!

outdoor wedding venues