May 04, 2016 2 min read

Use Pastel Floating Candles to Give Your Décor a Fresh Spring Look!

Spring is the perfect season to amp up design using pastel floating candles and pastel colors!!! Pastels provide such a fresh and thoughtful addition to table design or home décor!In this short DIY video, check out how easily Joel combines some products to create a beautiful, put together designer look for you. Joel Kirby, with Curly Willow Designs, is the master when it comes to giving ideas that any of us can re-produce making us all feel like design pros!You only need a few things to get started, so sit back and enjoy a few moments of video, then get to work on your design!

What you will need:

  • Cylinder Vase – you can choose the height depending on where it will be used.
  • Pastel color plastic eggs
  • Pastel Floating Candles
  • Water


Pastel Floating Candles

Step 1:Grab your cylinder vase

Step 2:Take your plastic eggs and fill them with water to weight them down. Take the filled eggs and gently place them down into the cylinder vase.

Step 3:Pour water over the eggs. Make sure to not fill too full so your floating candle flame will fall below the lip of the top of the vase.

Step 4:Take your floating candle, and holding by the wick, gently place in the water making sure the wick does not get wet. Grab a match or lighter and light the candles.

What we love about this easy DIY and look of the finished product is that you can easily build onto the ideas that Joel gave you by adding a few of your favorite pastel spring items that are special to you! From a keepsake passed down to a fun new purchase! This look can get as intricate or easy as you want to make it!

Keep in mind that cylinder vases that are beautiful clear glass are the perfect spot to showcase seasonal items! No water or floating candle needed to create a simple focal point alongside your vase with the pastel eggs and floating candles!

And Joel always adds additional candlelight! Choose some other candle options like votive candles, pillar candles, or taper candles in pastel colors to add glow to your gorgeous table piece you created! Adding more candles is never a bad thing!!! And remember, design doesn’t have to be hard! Take tips from some pros and then put your own personal spin to create your very own AMAZING!