April 08, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: Pros and Cons of Food Truck Catering

There is more than one way to cater a wedding. Food trucks offer a slightly nouveau approach by combining affordability and flexibility, which is appealing to many brides. Would that kind of idea work for your reception?

Here are the pros and cons of food truck catering for your big day:

Pros: Budget-Friendly

Perhaps the biggest draw of food trucks is the price point. While they don’t cost much less per food item than other catering choices, you can save a mint over a restaurant venue that charges you for seating and service. You can trim enough from your budget to avoid becoming one of the many couples who start their marriage in debt to pay for a dream wedding.

Food trucks and trailers also come in various sizes, so there is no worry that your event is too big. Many of today’s best services started with a single trailer, expanding their fleet as their business expanded and their offerings grew.

Pros: Location, Location, Location

Forget trying to book the hottest venue in town. What if you have guests with lingering COVID concerns? An outdoor affair will draw those folks who might otherwise decline an invitation to an indoor event – and you will feel good knowing you did your part to keep medically vulnerable folks safe.

You can now cater backyard events in style or rent out a few pavilions at a local park for a bigger crowd – it’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional venue! Outdoor locations also work beautifully if you have a theme, such as a Renaissance wedding held in front of the ruins of an old stone church. Bid farewell to worries about restaurant decor clashing with your colors.

Cons: Safety Concerns

If you’ve heard food trucks referred to by the slang term “roach coach,” you might cast a few aspersions on how safe the chow is. Please don’t worry. While services vary in quality like dine-in establishments, you have much more accountability than in many restaurants – and it shows in their inspection reports.

The reason? You can see right inside the kitchen where your food is prepared on most trucks, easing safety concerns. Additionally, their smaller size makes them easier to keep clean. Furthermore, they’re more accustomed to serving outside than indoor-only dining establishments and are better able to monitor food temperatures.

Cons: Catering to Sensitivities

Another concern is how well your caterer manages food allergies and sensitivities. Small spaces can contribute to cross-contamination woes.

Can you adjust your menu, catering to more than one sensitivity in your choices? For example, brides wanting an Italian-themed affair can serve zucchini lasagna and cassava-crust pizza – both with cashew “cheese” sauce – to please the paleo-diet, gluten-free, and vegan crowds at once.

Pros and Cons of Food Truck Catering

Should you hire a food truck for your big day? The pros are impressive and there aren’t many cons. Consider such vendors if you’re hosting an outdoor event or simply want a creative catering choice!