August 30, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: Should You Rent a Party Bus?


Party buses have become popular with brides in recent years. While your standard limo fits up to 10 passengers max, a Coach model can transport 50 people — more than enough for the wedding party, their plus-ones, and the bride and groom’s closest families.


However, size isn’t all these bad boys offer. Should you rent a party bus for your big day? Here are four questions for brides to ask themselves.


1. Do You Plan to Pre-Party?


Your wedding is one long celebration — and you sometimes need a bit of the hair of the dog to recover from the rehearsal dinner the day before. Many limos have limited bar offerings. Conversely, party buses allow you to bring a collection of your favorite liquors, wines and beers, offering you and your guests more variety.


It’s never wise to drink on an empty stomach, especially on your big day. However, you can bring plenty of food with you on the bus. Some ideas include:


  • Trail mix
  • Cheese
  • Sliced meats
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Energy bars


2. Do You Have Out-of-Town Guests?


Party buses are boons for out-of-town guests who may fear navigating unfamiliar roads — they’re ideal for Aunt Ethel from Florida if you plan a Northeast January wedding. They won’t have to worry about inclement weather or everyday problems like flat tires and empty fuel tanks.


Renting a party bus is also accessible for your guests with disabilities. Some of them may not attend if they have to drive but knowing they have transportation arrangements makes them RSVP yes.


3. Must You Carry a Lot From Place to Place?


Limos have trunks, but most party buses have far more storage space. That makes these vehicles ideal for smaller parties of 20 to 30 people. You can bring your DJ and equipment from the wedding chapel to the reception venue.


Therefore, don’t rule this option out if you only expect a small crowd. Your vendors might appreciate you sparing them the wear and tear on their vehicles, and thank you with a discount.


4. Do You Want to Stay on the Safe Side of the Law?


Brides don’t want to think about their guests getting a DUI after making too much merry at their wedding. Party buses often make more than one trip in the evening. You can have one run for those early birds who leave after the cake cutting and another for those who dance — and drink — till the wee hours.


DUIs are expensive, even if no one gets hurt. Besides the legal fees, your guests must pay tow charges, and their crime may affect their employment. Why not spare them the risk?


Should You Rent a Party Bus?


Party buses have become more popular with brides. Is one right for your big day?


Ask yourself the four questions above when considering if you should rent a party bus. You’ll likely find the answer is yes.