January 29, 2021 2 min read

After you dive into your wedding planning experience, you’ll find tons of ideas online. Pictures of rustic-inspired decor and venues wallpaper the internet, but brides are starting to turn from the old fad. The bohemian wedding is the new rustic and it’s great for brides with all kinds of wedding dreams.

Check out a few simple ways to give your big day a bohemian touch. It adds a whimsical, earthy flair that many brides use at venues like renovated barns and even churches with stained-glass windows.

1. Wear a Flower Crown

Even if you still want a traditional veil, a bohemian flower crown is a perfect touch to your final look. Find out which kinds are in-season around your wedding date and find a little flower inspiration to create a worthy crown. Play with colors and greenery to make nature the centerpiece of your style. Even a thin band over your veil sets your look apart from the classic brides you see on magazines and websites.

2. Find Vintage Jewelry

Boho fashion icons established the trend by wearing older jewelry. The look has filtered into the wedding world and could even make planning everything easier. Borrow something blue from a loved one and wear it down the aisle. Older settings and styles pair perfectly with bohemian textures like crocheted or embroidered lace. It plays into the idea of shaping your environment with what you’ve collected through the years.

3. Embrace the Outdoors

outdoor wedding

Emphasize the natural vibe of your decor by hosting part of your wedding outdoors. Guests can mingle under the stars or dine in the sunset. Create a rounded experience by matching the furniture to your theme so everything flows with your vision. Rattan or wicker chairs have a softer appearance than traditional metal or contemporary hardwood.

4. Decorate With Fabric

Every wedding theme works best with specific fabrics. Rustic weddings could use checkered tablecloths, but bohemian themes use macramé or crocheted textiles. They look handmade and blend in with the background. Look into hanging macramé behind your altar or creating a photo backdrop for guests to have a little fun.

5. Rethink Your Cake

Traditional cakes have multiple tiers, white icing and a figurine nestled inside a ring of icing flowers. Bohemian cakes allow more freedom in whatever you design. You can look into the naked cake fad, which scrapes icing along the tier edges. Bakers make them on delivery day, so they’re fresh and feature bold toppings.

Talk with a local bakery about using berries, real flowers or even succulents to match the cake with your wedding theme. They’ll draft different designs and go over flavors that your guests will love after whatever you serve at your reception.

Create a Dream Board

The bohemian wedding is the new rustic, so there are plenty of ideas to go around. Keep track of things you love with a dream board. Collect pictures of cakes you like and outdoor furniture that would look great at your venue. Everything will fall into place as you create your dream wedding.