October 10, 2018 3 min read

There are many possible themes for weddings: from casual to luxurious ones. However, a special spot on this list of themes belongs to romantic weddings. In our opinion, it’s the best way to celebrate the creation of a new family. And if you have chosen this style for your wedding, we absolutely support you.

Here are some of our tips, which will help you to prepare for your romantic wedding.
romantic wedding

It would be great if you held a wedding at a place which has a special meaning for both of you. It can be the place you first met, kissed, spent your first holiday together or the place where the proposal was made.

However, there are many other romantic places. Thus, you are free to have a ceremony at a beach, vineyard, botanical garden or backyard if you prefer to get married in a natural background. If natural backdrops aren't your thing, you can hold the ceremony at an old mansion or luxurious hotel.

Wedding Dress
romantic wedding

Undoubtedly, your wedding dress must look romantic. Basically, all the silhouettes are possible: from ball gowns to mermaid dresses. You need to choose the gown, taking into consideration your body peculiarities as well as the location. Luxurious princess dresses are suitable for restaurant, mansion and castle ceremonies. At the same time, simpler and more flowing designs of wedding gowns fit outdoor weddings.

Your wedding dress can be made of various materials. However, lace wedding dresses always look romantic and feminine. If you seek something light and convenient, you can opt for sheer chiffon gowns. And, of course, tulle is a classic variant and it’s suitable for any type of wedding.

romantic wedding

Décor is one of the key elements of a romantic wedding. There are dozens of ways on how to create romantic atmosphere at your wedding. For instance, candles will create the necessary mood no matter what kind of venue you have a wedding at. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they can be located in various places from rows of candles at both sides of the aisle runner to the candles used for table centerpieces.

Lights can be used instead of candles, or along with them. It looks cool when the lights adorn the trees if you have an outdoor wedding. String lights can also be intertwined in tulle or branches that decorate your venue. Lanterns are also a good idea for a different type of accent lighting.

Of course, a wedding is impossible without flowers. The more flowers you have, the more romantic the atmosphere is. Also, you may want to use rose petals as décor accents. For example, it looks absolutely stunning when the aisle runner is covered with petals.

In addition, you may want to add some personalized decorations. So, a set of your photos can tell your guests your love story, or you can carve your initials on branches. Another idea is to have personalized balloons floating around your reception. You can write your names, special dates or hashtags as well as share your love messages.

Other Details
romantic wedding

While preparing for a romantic wedding, a great number of other details must be taken into account. Thus, music also creates the atmosphere. So, you need to choose the musicians and compositions with a lot of care. Don’t forget to add the songs that are associated with your relationship to the playlist. And opt for the most special song for your first dance.

Food can also play an important role. It’s great if you have an opportunity to arrange the food on the tables in a beautiful way. Also, a wedding cake in the shape of a heart can look amazing in a romantic setting.

Moreover, you may consider some alternative means of transport. For example, you can use horses and carriages instead of cars. Alternatively, if you are going to get married on the shore, boats will be a great way to get to the location if possible.

All in all, it’s quite easy to organize a romantic wedding. The choice of location is extremely wide as well as your options for romantic wedding dresses. The selection of possible decorations is even bigger. Luckily, candles, flowers and balloons never go out of fashion.