February 20, 2019 4 min read

Figuring out the perfect proposal can be hard. How do you go about planning it? It can cause a lot of stress, but we think it should be an effortless and wonderful experience! So, to help you out we have a list of our top six tips for your marriage proposal.Tips for Your Marriage Proposal

  1. Choose the Perfect Ring

The ring is the focal point in any wedding proposal, so finding the right one comes with a lot of pressure. For many, engagement ring shopping is their first experience in a jewelry store, and the cases filled with all of the unique options to pick from can make it tough to come to a decision without some second guessing.

Don’t panic, and talk to your jeweler! They have helpful insights into different styles and can tailor the ring to your price range. Come prepared with some ideas and references you have found that might be the best match for your partner's style, and have them walk you through their picks.

Also, go over timelines with your jeweler, so you can determine if you have room to include a personalized engraving. This adds a little something unique to the ring that symbolizes you and your soon to be fiance.

  1. Pick the Perfect Time

Timing is everything, in both a relationship, and when it comes time to pop the question. Picking the right time to get down on one knee takes some planning, sometimes even months in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to make arrangements, especially if you plan to do a destination proposal!

If you have a trip planned for you and your partner, this may be the opportune moment. A destination proposal ensures a beautiful backdrop and time for you both to revel in the excitement as you enjoy the rest of your trip together. Although, this will take more time and preparation, so make sure you research ideas for where to propose ahead of time based on your travel itinerary.

Also, consider jewelers, like Blue Nile, to help you find and ship your perfect engagement ring anywhere, whether it’s to your bed and breakfast in Italy, or villa in France. This takes some stress out of keeping the ring a secret throughout your travels.

  1. Rehearse The Right Words

Whether it’s a planned out monologue or off the cuff, planning your proposal speech will prevent that dreaded blank mind that comes with nerves. There are so many ways you can pop the question, but the number one thing to remember is to always say it from the heart.

Sit down and research some prompts or proposal speech ideas to use as a jumping point. Then add in some personal stories you have shared, or how you feel about spending the rest of your lives together.

When practicing, estimate how long your speech is, because if it’s too lengthy, you may get cut short in the excitement of the moment. Keep it to a reasonable length, so you won’t have to skip over anything!

  1. Make it Uniquely Yours

One way to add a personal touch and make your proposal unique is to think back on the most special moments you have shared. From the first kiss, to the first “I love you”, to where you had your first date.

All of these moments were special in their own way, and your proposal should be no exception. Use these special moments as inspiration, and incorporate them into your proposal. Maybe revisit those special spots and take your partner through a day down memory lane. At each spot, reminisce in the memories you shared there together. Then find a new place to pop the question.

This makes the day and proposal something unique to you and your partner by reveling in the time you spent together before entering this new exciting chapter in your lives.

  1. Find a Charming Place

The place you choose to propose is one you both will remember for the rest of your lives, and maybe even one you will want to revisit, so finding a charming spot takes some thought. Maybe its a place you have already shared wonderful memories together, somewhere new close to home, or a destination proposal you have been planning for months!

Finding the right spot takes time, and can be tricky to plan just right. Do some research ahead of time to find some places that are proposal hot-spots, or even just beautiful areas to pop the question.

Once you have a list of possible locations, connect with friends and family to get their opinion if you can’t quite decide. Make any reservations or plans known to businesses in advance if necessary, and maybe even have them help to design or orchestrate the proposal. That way when it comes time to get down on one knee, everything runs smoothly.

  1. Preserve the Memories

The best way to remember this special moment is to capture it through video or photo. Hire a videographer or photographer ahead of time, but do your research first. Every photographer has their own style, so looking through their portfolio on their website is a great first step to determining if they fit the aesthetic you are going for. Always be sure to talk over your budget and the rates they offer prior to booking an appointment as well, to ensure you don’t spend past your comfort zone. Some photographers are flexible with their pricing depending on the service they provide, so don’t hesitate to be honest about your desired price range.

Once you have everything arranged, walk through the right time and place. Meet with them beforehand to figure out where the camera needs to be set up to get just the right angle, and where you will be standing during the proposal. This way you get your the perfect photo or video of your proposal to reflect on for years to come.

There are so many ways to make a proposal special for you and your partner. Making it a special experience will make the memories of it sweeter and sweeter throughout your years together. Now get ready to plan your wedding and the rest of your lives together!

It can cause a lot of stress, but we think it should be an effortless and wonderful experience! So, to help you out we have a list of our top six tips for your marriage proposal.